Dogs Reportedly Found Dead, Liquefied and Crammed in Freezers Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Richard K. Jones, Sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, United States

Goal: Demand an immediate and thorough investigation into the allegedly deplorable conditions and mistreatment of dogs at an animal rescue.

An appalling incident of animal cruelty has apparently been uncovered at the Helping Hands for Furry Paws animal rescue in Madison Township, Ohio. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office, during a rescue operation, reportedly found at least 30 dead dogs and dozens of living dogs living in deplorable conditions that have been described as “the most horrible they have ever seen.”

Dog wardens, acting on reports of animal neglect, reportedly seized 90 living dogs and puppies from the rescue facility. Shockingly, at least 30 additional dogs were allegedly found dead in various states of decomposition, crammed into five different refrigerators and freezers, some of which were non-functional.

The surviving dogs, including adult dogs and puppies, were reportedly confined to several structures on two separate properties. One of these structures, a single garage, housed more than 25 dogs with allegedly no proper ventilation or air conditioning, resulting in an indoor temperature of 89 degrees.

Sign below and demand a thorough investigation into this case so that justice may be served.


Dear Mr. Richard K. Jones,

We are writing to express our deep concern and outrage regarding the appalling conditions and mistreatment of dogs apparently found at Helping Hands for Furry Paws animal rescue in Madison Township, Ohio. The discovery of at least 30 dead dogs and dozens of living dogs living in deplorable conditions has deeply shocked and saddened us.

We request to take immediate and decisive action by launching a thorough investigation into this case. The alleged mistreatment and neglect of these innocent animals demands justice and accountability for those responsible for their suffering.

The conditions these dogs were subjected to are reportedly a grave violation of ethical principles and animal welfare laws. The apparent loss of so many lives and the suffering of those who survived underscores the urgency and seriousness of this situation. We demand that all available resources and efforts be devoted to investigating and charging the individuals responsible for this seemingly heinous act of cruelty.

Moreover, we call upon you to work with relevant authorities to implement comprehensive measures to safeguard the welfare of animals in rescue facilities across Butler County. It is crucial to ensure that such incidents of animal cruelty are prevented and that rescue organizations adhere to the highest standards of care for the animals under their guardianship.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Death penalty for bastard killer/killers! S.O.B, cowards!
    + R.I.P. Justice for dogs!

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