Horses Allegedly So Malnourished That Bones Protruded Through Their Skin Deserve Justice

Target: Mr. Mike Chitwood, Sheriff of Volusia County, Florida, United States

Goal: Ensure pursuit of justice in response to the alleged neglect and mistreatment of four horses found in deplorable conditions.

An incident of alleged animal cruelty has come to light in Seville, Florida, where four horses were reportedly found in a severely emaciated and lethargic state. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Department responded to reports of neglected horses at a residence in Seville. Upon arrival, deputies allegedly discovered the appalling condition in which these innocent animals were living.

According to the news release from the authorities, two mares, a tan Palomino, and a brown and white paint, were found lethargic, with their bones allegedly visibly protruding through their skin, indicating extreme malnutrition and neglect. Additionally, the two other horses, situated in a separate pasture, were also allegedly malnourished and underweight, further underscoring their potentially severe mistreatment.

The apparent neglect these horses suffered is a clear violation of ethical principles and a stark reflection of the lack of compassion and responsibility towards animals. The reported denial of proper medical care, including eye, dental, and hoof care, further exacerbates their apparent suffering and demonstrates a complete disregard for their well-being.

Sign below and demand a thorough investigation so that those found responsible are brought to justice.


Dear Mr. Mike Chitwood,

We are writing to express our profound concern and outrage regarding the alleged incident of severe neglect and mistreatment of four horses in Seville, Florida. The state in which these innocent animals were allegedly found demands immediate attention and action.

The alleged neglect and mistreatment endured by these defenseless horses are not only a violation of ethical principles, but also a breach of the trust society places in those who care for animals. We demand that decisive action be taken against the accused, if found guilty, sending a clear message that such acts of cruelty will not be tolerated within our community.

Furthermore, we call upon you to advocate for stricter animal welfare laws and their rigorous enforcement. It is crucial to ensure that comprehensive measures are in place to protect animals from abuse and neglect, and that those who inflict such suffering are met with appropriate legal consequences.

By pursuing justice in this case and striving for stronger animal protection laws, Volusia County can reaffirm its commitment to safeguarding the rights and welfare of all living beings within its jurisdiction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: WWF

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  1. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Arrest that owner that neglected these horses and then neglect the owner and put them in solitary for a long time I’ll bet you anything when he does get out he’ll never do that again he’ll know what hunger pains are he’ll know what it’s like to be lonely we’re social creatures we need to be around other people I can see what solitary does to people yeah do that to him or just crucify him and kill him that’s what you should do says in the Bible when you kill people when you kill animals especially when you torture them like that that God says to put them to death that’s why our country is like it is so messed up because we don’t follow God’s laws instead man makes up his own laws and voids the laws and word of God

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