Dogs Reportedly Caged and Covered in Urine and Fecal Matter Deserve Justice

Target: Ms. Lisa Fugate, Assistant Commonwealth Attorney of Bell County, Kentucky, United States

Goal: Demand a comprehensive investigation and prompt legal action against those involved in an alleged case of animal cruelty at an apparent puppy mill.

Upon arrival at the property owned by so-called breeders Woodrow and Althea Wyatt, Middlesboro Police were met with an allegedly distressing sight. Dogs were reportedly found in the yard amidst knee-high grass, allegedly suffering from different stages of mange. Additionally, a separate group of dogs were allegedly confined in a pen covered with urine and fecal matter, with water buckets tainted black by mold.

Inside the residence, officers, along with Director Bracken of Animal Control and Commonwealth Attorney Chris Douglas, made an allegedly horrifying discovery. Dozens of dogs were reportedly confined in multiple stacked cages, forced to defecate on the animals below them. The animals were in allegedly deplorable conditions, with little to no access to water or food.

These poor animals seemingly suffered so that these seemingly unethical breeders could make a profit. Sign below and demand that they be they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Ms. Lisa Fugate,

Multiple dogs were reportedly caged in their own urine and feces and suffered from mange at an apparent puppy mill. We demand that all necessary resources be allocated, working in collaboration with relevant authorities, to prosecute the individuals responsible for this alleged act of cruelty and neglect.

The abuse and neglect of animals is not only morally reprehensible, but also undermines the principles of compassion and justice that the United States upholds. We demand that decisive legal action be taken against those involved, if found guity.

Furthermore, we urge you to advocate for the strengthening of animal welfare laws and enforcement in Bell County and the state of Kentucky. Comprehensive measures must be in place to protect animals from abuse, neglect, and cruelty. By fostering a culture of empathy and respect towards all living beings, we can create a community that values and safeguards the welfare of animals.


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