Punish Teens Accused of Decapitating Swan and Stealing Her Offspring

Target: William Fitzpatrick, District Attorney of Onondaga County, NY

Goal: Prosecute suspects charged with killing protected swan and illegally removing her cygnets to fullest extent.

A nesting mother swan met with a horrific fate in New York. Three teenagers stand accused of breaking onto the grounds of Manlius Swan Pond in the dead of night and beheading the swan, whom local residents had named Faye. To make matters even worse, they then allegedly abducted Faye’s four young cygnets while leaving behind Faye’s mate, named Manny.

Investigators believe the suspects took Faye’s body to a relative’s house and cooked and ate her.  They reportedly confessed to authorities, claiming they were hunting, that they believed Faye to be a duck, and that they planned to keep the cygnets as pets. Why they were apparently “hunting” after midnight and in an area beloved by the community and protected by the town’s government remains a mystery. The cygnets, thankfully, are now under the care of a biologist.

The suspects were charged with grand larceny and criminal mischief, but they also need to face charges for the illegal act of allegedly killing a swan and any associated animal cruelty offenses. Sign the petition below to demand justice in this disturbing case.


Dear DA Fitzpatrick,

The shocking killing of a swan and abduction of her young offspring, for which three suspects stand accused, has put Manlius in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This swan, Faye, was an adored fixture in the community and reportedly protected by local mandate at her Manlius Swan Pond residence. The suspects’ claims that they were somehow unaware of this popular animal’s existence or the town’s longstanding association with swans is highly doubtful. Also troubling is the defense that these young people allegedly decided to go duck hunting well after midnight and needed to jump the fence on a public property to do so.

If these suspects indeed had full knowledge of the criminality of their alleged acts, then the charges should not end at larceny and “mischief.” Killing a swan—and a locally protected one at that—is illegal in this state, and prosecution and possible sentencing must reflect the viciousness (including reported decapitation) of the apparent offenses. Charges of animal cruelty can and should be pursued because this swan, the mate and cygnets she left behind, and the community that loved her deserve justice.


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Photo Credit: Trudie Roden


  1. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Well excuse my profanity but put these little fuckers in jail for a very very long time and make an example out of them for other teenagers to follow and make sure when they do get out they are branded pedophiles against animals in the court and they should never ever be allowed around any animals again for the rest of their lives and they should be put on probation after they get out of jail for years to come they need an eagle eye watching them because people that do this will definitely kill human beings… if you can kill an animal like this for just sport or fun callously then it wouldn’t bother you to kill a human being no doubt.

    • goh maria says:

      Yes, these sobs are psychos in the making, they are cold and bored and worst of all they are dangerous. Please see to it that they are properly punished for killing innocent animals for thrills.

  2. This is not a popular a popular statement but … these are 3 teenagers.
    However their parents need to be held responsible too. These kids need to have a mental health exam. These guys know the difference between right and wrong. If not they need to stay in a mental health facility paid for by their parents. These teens must go to court and face punishment. They must be charged. We all know crime starts here and then these fools move on to people and children. Most of the most horrible mass shootings have been done by minors. Dragging parents into these horrendous acts will drop the crime rate by half. Parents know, they just don’t want to know. Force parents to pay a large sum of money to the care of the animals which were harmed or killed. Parents must stand trial just as their kids. These actions can nit be a first time no penalty offense. They killed and then ate a protected creature. Throw the book at them and their parents setting a standard that the whole family is guilty. No one walks away free and clear. No excuses. If guilty, step up and pay the price for your crime.

  3. Michelle Taylor says:

    Instigation of the death penalty is definitely required to be implemented.

  4. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    Put these little assholes in jail like adult jail and keep them in there for a very very long time make them suffer make them stay alone in their jail cell for days months years I would never let them out what evil evil cruel thing to do but they have nothing better to do wow

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