Prioritize Conservation of the Red-Breasted Goose

Target: Ms. Maria Ohisalo, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change in Finland

Goal: Advocate for the conservation of the red-breasted goose and its critical habitats.

The red-breasted goose is a vulnerable species of migratory bird that faces numerous challenges to its survival. It breeds in the Arctic tundra and migrates to wintering grounds in southeastern Europe and Central Asia. However, habitat loss, illegal hunting, and climate change pose significant threats to the species.

The red-breasted goose’s breeding grounds in the Arctic are under pressure due to industrial development and climate change-induced habitat degradation. Additionally, the species faces severe hunting pressure during its migration and wintering periods, leading to population declines.

To ensure the long-term survival of the red-breasted goose, it is crucial to prioritize its conservation and protect its critical habitats. Efforts must be made to address habitat loss, enforce strict regulations against illegal hunting, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

We have a shared responsibility to protect biodiversity and preserve the red-breasted goose for future generations. By advocating for the conservation of this species, we can contribute to maintaining ecological balance and safeguarding the natural heritage of our planet.

 Thus, it is imperative that we call for the advocacy of red-breasted goose conservation. Sign below to urge the relevant authorities to take swift and effective action to protect the species and its critical habitats, ensuring the long-term survival of this magnificent migratory bird.


Dear Ms. Maria Ohisalo,

We are writing to urge you to advocate for the conservation of the red-breasted goose and its critical habitats.

The red-breasted goose is a vulnerable species that faces significant threats to its survival. Habitat loss in its breeding grounds, illegal hunting during migration and wintering periods, and the impacts of climate change are jeopardizing its population.

To secure the future of the red-breasted goose, it is vital to prioritize its conservation. This involves protecting and restoring its breeding grounds in the Arctic, enacting stringent measures against illegal hunting, and addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

We humbly implore you to champion the cause of red-breasted goose conservation in Finland. By taking a proactive stance and advocating for the protection of this species, we can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and ensure the continuation of this remarkable migratory bird.


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Photo credit: Dick Daniels

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