Stop Breeding Genetically Vulnerable Wolfdogs for Profit

Target: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Restrict breeding of wolfdogs prone to illness, abandonment, and euthanasia.

An abandoned Rhode Island wolfdog’s quest for a new home reignited the debate about ownership and care for these animals, who are typically hybrids of wolves and domesticated dogs. Several states ban having a wolfdog as a pet or put restrictions on the practice. Reasons cited include the presumed aggressive nature of these animals and the special enhanced care they require. But these regulations do not truly get at the heart of the problem: the intentional breeding of these beautiful animals for profit.

Mating between wolves and dogs in the wild is uncommon, so most wolfdog breeds were created by human design. Some were bred for work purposes, while others were bred just for the aesthetic. The result: inexperienced would-be owners are attracted by the exotic and wild look of these animals and purchase them. But once they realize the intensive care (special diets and exercise routines) and space wolfdogs require, as well as possible difficulties in training them, the pet parents abandon or even euthanize their new pets. This tragic fate befalls thousands of wolfdogs every year. Further, evidence suggests that the breeding process may leave wolfdogs vulnerable to certain health conditions affecting key areas like the thyroid and the heart.

Sign the petition below to urge enhanced safeguards against exploitative wolfdog breeding that is putting countless animals at risk from the day they are born.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Targeted animal cross-breeding conducted by humans has become an increasingly dangerous game of who can create the most exotic creature. While breeders reap the profits, the animals ultimately pay the price. The wolfdog controversy is the strongest evidence of this unfortunate result.

These animals have been born with health ailments because of their chromosomal abnormalities, abandoned due to their high energy and high-care needs, and even euthanized because the human beings who created them ultimately cannot handle them. They are yet another humanity vanity project discarded when reality crashes into expectation. They deserve better.

The patchwork of ownership regulations and restrictions that constitutes American law is not enough. We ask that you, as the leader of the agency tasked with the welfare of animals, give these dogs needed protections and the safeguards against irresponsible breeding.


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  1. Natasha Obrien says:

    hello America

    • Gilda Provenzano says:

      Hope they maim or kill these motherfuckers who own these animals. SICK. Humans are the dumbest animals on the planet.

  2. Alice Knight says:

    Stop breeding any animal for profit. Our society seems to be obsessed with making money no matter who it involves or who it hurts. People need to search out other ways of making a living.
    Perhaps seek out people that can help you with a better way of financial means.

  3. Dolores Proubasta says:

    I have known three Wolf-Dog crossbreeds. All were in different places and circumstances but they had well-meaning caregivers in common. In all cases they soon ran into difficulties because of fearful neighbors, aggressive behavior against other animals, training problems … in the end each of these unfortunate Dogs died tragically. It is hard enough to be a responsible guardian of canines domesticated for countless generation. Wolf-Dog breeders — all commercial breeders — should be banned.

  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Why do people still buy dogs from dog breeders – when animal shelters are inundated with perfectly healthy dogs who want and need to be adopted? I have NEVER bought a dog from a breeder – I ALWAYS adopt, to give a sad unwanted dog a good and loving home.

    • Patricia Alexander says:

      Why do people not get there dogs spayed or neutered? We wouldn’t have so many animals in shelters needing homes.

  5. Uncommon Sensesc says:

    What is wrong with people that do this? Are they stupid or evil or just don’t give a damn? These wolf-dogs are not domesticated and this should already be illegal! This is to protect the wolf-dogs themselves as well as people. The only outcome is that the wolf-dogs will be killed because people are just stupid. Next is why aren’t the federal agencies doing their jobs and making this federally illegal?? Any kind of breeding should be outlawed – they treat the poor animals horribly, no health care at all, kept in wire cages from the time they’re born to breed, it’s evil and it’s heartbreaking. I’d like to see all animal breeders killed off and the animals rescued into caring sanctuaries – that would make me happy.

    • Your post is spot on. People are really stupid including the people in our government whom have yet to make this illegal. DA!!!! “stupid is as stupid does”

  6. Wendy+Morrison says:


  7. This ignorant stupidity of both breeders and owners puts them on the same mental capacity as the breeders of Ligers and other wild cat mixes. Just because it can be done does not mean it should.

  8. CAROL PEARCE says:

    the so-called ‘humans’ in this world are getting sicker by the day. it is just GREED GREED GREED.
    This has to stop.
    ADOPT, do not shop
    STOP breeding

  9. I just want the killing of healthy innocent animals to stop. If that means not bringing them into this world…then fine. But just STOP!

  10. Deborah Haws says:

    He’s not going to care or stop it! These politicians don’t hear the people. We the people need to make these changes for them and the innocent animals. VOTE!

  11. Evil. There are so many dogs and cats looking for homes.

  12. These poor babies have a high percentage of euthanasia because of the wolf part. I absolutely love wolves and hate to see them murdered because of hate and the cross breeders are just adding to the problem!

  13. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I agree with this Petition and support it. We do not need a problem that can be prevented now. There are many irresponsible breeders and these wolf bred dogs will more than likely be euthanized once they end up in shelters. Furthermore, it is difficult enough to find rental housing that allows dogs and anyone having wolf bred dogs will not be able to freely move into rental housing with a dog like this who will if not already be on the “restricted” breed list. Which means death to any of these dogs dropped off at shelters.

  14. stephanie allen says:

    please stop this at once

  15. Annemiek0710 says:

    On the one hand breeding wolf dogs to make money and on the other hand shooting wolves because they get in the way, how hypocritical can you be, imbeciles

  16. Maria Lavorato says:


    This is just another form of ANIMAL CRUELTY! Agree 100% with Uncommon Sensesc. GET YOUR ASSES IN SHAPE AND MAKE THIS ILLEGAL!

    These evil bastard humans that do this have only one goal in mind which does not involve giving a shit about the lives of these sweet dogs that DID NOT ASK FOR THIS!


  17. Julia Edinger says:

    I totally agree with… Alice Knight
    “ Stop breeding any animal for profit. Our society seems to be obsessed with making money no matter who it involves or who it hurts. People need to search out other ways of making a living.
    Perhaps seek out people that can help you with a better way of financial means.”

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