Stop Reported Epidemic of Neglect From Killing Innocent Animals

Target: Joseph Corradino, State’s Attorney for Fairfield County, CT

Goal: Punish individuals accused of neglecting and starving dogs to fullest extent.

One of the wealthiest communities in the United States seemingly does not treat all its living beings equally. At least two troubling incidents of alleged animal cruelty have recently emerged out of Greenwich, Connecticut. Both cases resulted in the deaths of innocent and reportedly neglected dogs.

The first case involves an allegedly illegal pet store. Authorities investigated the residence of Cassie Palmer after they were alerted to the deaths of three puppies on the premises. The officials seized twelve dogs from the residence and reportedly found evidence that Palmer had apparently been retrieving puppies and keeping them in dirty, confined quarters where they were vulnerable to disease. According to the reports, Palmer may have been using the residence as a pet store for profit. She even seemingly attempted to switch out a sick puppy with a healthy pup. And because of inept state politicians who refuse to prohibit individuals convicted of animal cruelty offenses from adopting animals, Palmer could soon be free to potentially collect more innocent dogs in the future.

She has been arrested, as has Aubriana Dejesus. In this unrelated Greenwich case, the suspect was taken into custody after Cornell University veterinarians contacted authorities about the reported severe malnourishment and emaciation experienced by a dog they were treating. This animal was apparently the pet of Dejusus; due to the reported severity of the dog’s condition the vets euthanized the animal.

Sign the petition below to demand prosecutors help ensure the health and safety of all innocents in Greenwich with strict penalties for any suspects found guilty of animal neglect.


Dear DA Corradino,

Greenwich is often seen as a gold standard for a comfortable and high quality of life. As such, the agonizing deaths of four living beings from alleged neglect and malnutrition within this privileged community is an even more horrifying disgrace. These dogs, three of them defenseless puppies, were reportedly subjected to deplorable, disease-ridden living conditions and, in one of the cases, severe emaciation.

The separate cases involving suspects Cassie Palmer and Aubriana Dejesus are symptomatic of a larger problem, and only real accountability can even begin to address the epidemic of hidden and insidious animal abuse known as neglect. Please work for this accountability by pursuing the maximum possible charges and the maximum penalty for these suspects and anyone found guilty of cruelty.


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Photo Credit: игорь лушницкий

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  1. Alice Knight says:

    Why on earth would you even entertain the idea of this individual to be released and obtain more animals? This is not logical thinking. Please do not allow this to happen.

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