Stop Dismantling Workers’ Long-Held Rights

Target: Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Goal: Do not go forward with unpopular pension reforms until a less divisive plan is created.

It caused months of protests, labor strikes, and a potential no-confidence vote for the president. It even did the seemingly impossible and united far-right and far-left politicians in opposition. The outcry about France’s highly controversial pension reform shows no signs of abating anytime soon, and the futures of millions of working French people are at stake.

At the heart of the controversy is a deeply unpopular law that raises the retirement age in France from 62 to 64. Individuals will not qualify for full pension benefits if they retire before this age. And in order to secure full state benefits, an individual will need to work for a minimum of 43 years…also an increase.

Citizens were already outraged because this proposal directly strikes at their livelihoods during a time of intense inflation and additional economic stressors while other options, such as raising taxes on the wealthy or upping employer payroll contributions, are overlooked. Moreover, older French citizens are concerned about even being able to secure work at an advanced age. Employment rates for individuals over 55 are already low, and the government refuted efforts to amend the reforms to include more job opportunities for senior French citizens.

This proposal was pushed through despite widespread popular and political dissent. Sign the petition below to demand France’s leader truly listen to the masses.


Dear President Macron,

France’s current pension system may be experiencing shortfalls and may indeed need reform.  Independent researchers, politicians of all stripes, and tens of millions of working French people agree that upending the decades-old retirement model is not the solution, however. They want a fair hearing.

These opponents want to know that other options are truly being given weight, such as wealth taxes and payroll amendments. They want to be assured that any change to the retirement model will fully consider the impact on older French workers who are often unfairly targeted for discrimination in the workforce. And they need to feel with certainty that the transformation of a system that has helped France retain one of the world’s lowest poverty rates will not shatter their livelihoods or ruin what should be their golden years.

Stop defending and start really listening. Please revoke this policy, go back to the table in good faith, and work with all involved parties to craft a plan of and for the French people.


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