Help Drivers Kick Destructive SUV and Truck Habit

Target: Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors

Goal: Shift production model from SUVs and trucks back to smaller cars.

A recent report measuring the environmental impact and energy efficiency of most vehicles on American roadways has revealed that bigger is almost never better. While electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids expectedly dominated in the most eco-friendly automobiles (the Greenest list), trucks and SUVS took over the Meanest list for worst environmental impact. And these larger vehicles were conspicuously absent from the Greenest list, unless they were in EV or hybrid form.

Unfortunately, while these autos deal a major blow to curbing carbon emissions and other pollution, they are an ever-increasing fixture in garages and parking spaces across the country. By recent estimates, trucks and especially SUVs make up over 80 percent of new vehicle purchases. SUVs and trucks likewise top lists for worst fuel economy, averaging about 17 miles per gallon. This stat means far more trips to the gas station, to the tune of a 500,000 barrels per day collective increase. SUVS have also been implicated as the second biggest cause of carbon emissions increases in the past decade. And it’s not just obvious emissions from driving, either. Bigger and heavier vehicles also expend more energy during production, which deepens the carbon and pollution footprint.

Sign the petition below to urge one of America’s most iconic car manufacturers to rediscover its roots and help the environment in the process.


Dear Ms. Barra,

Searching Chevrolet’s latest automobile inventory is like looking at a love letter to SUVs and trucks. The company only lists one traditional car that is not a gas-guzzling high-performance auto in its offerings. While you may be following current demand, you also have to realize where the future of the automotive industry is heading.

Chevrolet’s vehicles rank among the worst for both fuel economy and carbon emissions. The extreme emphasis on larger and heavier vehicles is also leaving an enormously pollutant-laden footprint during production. Chevrolet made its name as a producer of cost-efficient and driver-friendly cars. Please re-shift your focus to not only EVs and hybrids but smaller vehicles as well.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem. The world cannot afford to wipe out any gains it may be making in the midst of the climate crisis.


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Photo Credit: Kelvin Valerio

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  1. Frank Staples says:

    Ok, so almost five hundred people who don’t use trucks or suv’s to make a living want me to trade mine in on something I can’t use? BITE ME!

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