Dyed Baby Pigeon Found Suffering in Wild Deserves Justice

Target: Alvin Bragg, District Attorney of New York County

Goal: Punish person or persons responsible for death of domesticated pigeon to fullest extent.

An unusual sight was recently seen in a New York City park: a pink pigeon. Concerned by the strange display, a good Samaritan took the pigeon, who was later named Flamingo, to an animal rescue shelter. Tragically, Flamingo died from what was apparently an act of unintentional yet fatal animal cruelty.

Rescuers believe Flamingo was a domesticated bird that was dyed and released during a gender reveal party or some other type of celebration. The bird’s young age already would have made it very difficult for him to survive in the wild. In fact, he was reportedly severely malnourished when first discovered. But the dye that had been put on him made his plight even worse. The toxic substance could not be washed off of Flamingo, and the damage done to his respiratory system as a result likely played a key role in his death.

Whatever the reason, the responsible party should be held accountable for this irresponsible and cruel behavior. Sign the petition below to urge accountability in this troubling incident.


Dear DA Bragg,

Ignorance is no excuse for violating the law and causing harm. This belief should apply to reckless and often lethal abuses committed against animals that may, at first glance, not appear to be cruelty. The recent case of a very young pigeon found malnourished and dyed pink in a park is a tragic example.

This animal may have been dyed and released as part of some party or celebration, but these circumstances do not mitigate the damage that followed. The pigeon was by all accounts not a wild animal but domesticated, and therefore entitled to protection by his caretakers. Instead, he was essentially a baby thrown out into the wild and covered with a toxic substance that seemingly choked him to death. If this outcome is not cruelty, then what does qualify?

The New York City police seemingly agree, as their animal cruelty division has opened an investigation.  If a suspect or suspects are identified, please prosecute this case and send a decisive message about the limits of permissible behavior under the guise of no-harm fun.


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Photo Credit: Stuart Lauderdale


  1. Maybe we need to stop these idiotic gender reveals. We’ve seen a forest on fire, this dead pigeon, people hurt by cannon fire and 100+ more really dumb and damaging things because somebody can’t just say ‘its a boy’. Stop stupidity in it’s tracks, outlaw this stupid behavior.

  2. Mary Young says:

    Oh my God there so much animal abuse in this world killing of all kinds of birds and all the other animals but still the damn laws are not doing anything about this but slap the bastard on the wrist and let them go free so why do we have laws for that’s why this country and other countries don’t give a shit at all

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