Stop Reported Child Labor in Hyundai Supply Chain

Target: Jose Munoz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hyundai Motor North America

Goal: Protect children from alleged exploitation by car manufacturers.

The Hyundai supply chain employs child laborers at multiple locations, per a recent Reuters report. Most of the alleged underage workers are Central American migrants, introduced to the factory management via third-party suppliers. Citing the report, a group of 33 Democrat lawmakers sent a letter to Marty Walsh, the Labor Secretary, demanding immediate prohibition of this alleged practice from the supply chain of the Korean auto manufacturer. The policymakers demanded that all responsible for such inhumane practices should receive maximum punishment by the law. The company released a statement agreeing that underage employment is ‘entirely unacceptable,’ but did not specify that it intends to put a complete stop to it.The reported discovery came to light after journalists investigated child labor allegations in SMART Alabama LLC at Luverne. The company is a subsidiary of Hyundai, supplying automobile parts to the flagship unit at Montgomery. The Department of Labor (DOL) earlier found out that one of the suppliers, SL Alabama LLC, violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by pursuing ‘oppressive child labor.’ The Labor Department procured a federal court order to prevent the firm from illegally employing workers in the age bracket of 13 to 15. However, the above letter alleged that other suppliers are similarly engaged in such ‘abhorrent’ crimes.

The members of the Congress termed the alleged violation as ‘shocking, disturbing, and has no place in the US.’ Furthermore, the letter mentions that Hyundai has come short of its earlier commitment to sever all ties with offending suppliers at the ‘DOL’s suggestion.’ Hyundai has stated that it is ‘disappointed’ that the lawmakers failed to mention its collaboration with the DOL on this matter. Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers are advocating changes in the law that would broaden the opportunities for employing underage workers. Other major companies with alleged violations include McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, JBS, and Chipotle.

Demand Hyundai cut all ties with third-party suppliers who take advantage of immigrant vulnerability and bring children to factory floors.


Dear CEO Munoz,

Hyundai Motor North America reportedly employs child labor in its production network via third-party supply services. A probe by the Department of Labor found out that SL Alabama LLC, one of the suppliers to the Alabama plant is involved. A judicial order prevents the said supplier from employing children within the age bracket of 13 to 15. However, other suppliers may still continue with this abhorrent practice.

A group of 33 policymakers has recently delivered a letter to the DOL, seeking maximum punishment by law to all involved. Hyundai has released a statement indicating that it does not agree with underage employment. However, the company has refrained from committing to putting a stop to this inhumane act.

CEO Munoz, we demand that Hyundai cuts all ties immediately with accused third-party suppliers. Hyundai is a reputed service and such things risk defamation from thousands of concerned Hyundai owners in North America.


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Photo Credit: Noah Negishi

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