Demand Justice for Youth Shot Dead by Police Officers

Target: Baltimore State Attorney Ivan Bates

Goal: Press charges against officers involved in the killing.

Donnell Rochester, an 18-year-old from Baltimore, was shot dead last February by police officers. An independent investigation by the State Attorney General’s office asserted that charges could be placed against the police officers involved. However, the state’s attorney, Ivan Bates, decided against charging the officers. Bates argues that the use of force was justified in this incident. A group of protesters recently gathered outside Bates’ office to demand a proper follow-up with the final report from the Independent Investigations Division. Danielle Brown, the mother of Donnell, was among the protesters demanding criminal charges against the police.

Rochester was fatally shot last February after he attempted to flee in a vehicle when the police tried to stop him. The police were trying to detain him for outstanding warrants regarding his failure to appear in court. Officers Connor Murray and Robert Mauri fired at the vehicle when it drove towards them at the 1800 block of Chilton Street. Murray fired three rounds into the vehicle, and again a fourth when he was out of the way of the car. Mauri fired two rounds at Rochester when he saw the car approaching fast toward Murray.

The Public Trust and Police Integrity Unit of the state attorney’s office submitted an 11-page report on the incident, indicating that Rochester’s actions posed a life-threatening situation. However, a further inquiry by the Independent Investigations Division of the State Attorney General’s office found out that the fatal fourth shot could have been avoided as by then Rochester was willing to surrender. Murray had already dodged the car and no one else was in harm’s way when he fired the last shot. The Attorney General’s office stated that in such circumstances, deployment of deadly force would not be ‘reasonable, necessary, or proportional.’

Demand the pressing of criminal charges against the police officers involved in the incident. By signing the petition below you can stand united against systemized police brutality in the USA.


Dear Attorney Bates,

The State Attorney General’s office recently concluded its inquiry into the fatal shooting of Donnell Rochester. The 18-year-old was shot dead by police officers when he tried to evade arrest. Several rounds were fired at his vehicle when he drove it toward the officers creating a ‘life-threatening situation.’ However, the officer who fired the fatal last shot did so when he was not in harm’s way and Rochester was willing to surrender.

The Independent Investigations Division of the State Attorney General’s office stated that, given the circumstances, deadly force was unreasonable, unnecessary, and disproportional. You decided against pressing charges against the officers, arguing that the use of fatal force was justifiable.

We urge you, Attorney Bates, to reverse your decision and follow up with the recommendation from the State Attorney General. Police brutality is a crucial issue in America, and by taking a strong stand, you can help make the citizens feel safer on the streets.


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