End Starvation and Abandonment of Teacup Pigs

Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture

Goal: Ban breeding and marketing practices that cause suffering and death of countless teacup pigs.

A pig who was once the pet of social media influencer Logan Paul was discovered in dire condition by a California animal rescue organization. The group posted that the pig, named Pearl, “came to us with tattered ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus that has since been healed. She’s clearly been through so much trauma that we can’t begin to imagine.” Another deceased pig was found alongside Pearl. Paul claims he had rehomed the animal before she was found abandoned, but the tragedy highlights an increasingly dangerous trend.

Pearl is a so-called teacup pig: a potbellied pig bred and marketed for her small size. Individuals who take in these animals are often falsely led to believe that they will maintain their tiny stature. Supposedly cute photos and videos feed this belief. When the pigs grow to their normal size, however, caretakers are overwhelmed, leading to the type of horrific incident that nearly cost Pearl her life. Worse yet, breeders routinely utilize inhumane practices like malnourishment and inbreeding to stunt the growth of these animals. As a result, the lifespan of teacup pigs on average is half the lifespan of a typical pig.

Sign the petition below to demand the Department of Agriculture crack down on these cruel and deadly breeding practices.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

The discovery of a badly hurt and suffering teacup pig recently attracted national attention because of the pig’s association with a well-known social media personality. But Pearl’s plight is representative of an all-too-commonplace reality for these exploited animals. Tragically, many are never saved from their lifetime of misery and suffering.

The lives of teacup pigs often end at abandonment and death, but they begin with inhumane breeding and neglectful care. Behind the “cuteness” is a legacy of starvation, inbreeding, and social isolation for these highly social animals. Please be an advocate for these vulnerable living beings.

Work for a ban on the breeding and heinous marketing of this animal cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Jiri Mikolas


  1. MILANTIA ROY says:


  2. Jackie Pflucker says:

    This should be penalized with prison and a fine … because the owner should have taken Pearl to a shelter or adoption center!
    What’s the matter with people, the law should make them responsible for all animals that belong to them and are mistreated and or abandoned.

  3. eleanor dunkavich says:

    People do suck should get the same treatment

  4. Julia Edinger says:

    I agree with eleanor dunkavich
    “People do suck should get the same treatment”!!!

  5. elba calvo says:

    Parece que sí Milantia….Esto es muy triste y lamentable!!!

  6. Maria Lavorato says:

    Make it illegal to breed, sell and buy these little pigs.
    It sounds to me that their life is a life of MISERY.

    This is animal cruelty and should be punishable by law to the maximum.

    Ban the breeding of these little pigs! MAN breeds for money regardless of the suffering..put an end to it and have legal consequences in place that are enforced!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Give him an infection and starve him!!! Logan Paul knows who he sold his pig to. Charge Him!!!!!
    Idiots can’t take animals out of the wild and put them in their home!

  8. Uncommonsensesc says:

    Does anyone else think that Logan Paul is a lying POS? If he did rehome the pig, he knows very well who got her and who abused and abandoned her! Either he gives up the name and address or he goes to jail for this crap! Why is he getting by with lying? By doing that, he’s promoting and condoning this abuse! This is a no-brainer and all breeding of these animals (as well as puppy and kitten mills) should be shut down and fined more than those psychopaths could ever earn!

  9. Urszula Lund says:

    TEACUP PIGS are intelligent and complex animals. Even when the pigs grow to their normal size, they shall be loved, respected and taken care of because ALL animals deserve RESPECT, LOVE & HAPPY LIFE!
    Big size is NOT the reason to abandon a teacup pig. Would you abandon your family member because of OBESITY!!?? Pigs are not obese, pigs are just PLUMP!!!

    There is enough abandoned animals in shelters who wait for a loving forever home.
    SHUTDOWN all breeding mills including teacup pigs, puppy and kitten mills. Animals shall not be bred for profit. Animals are not commodities, but sentient beings – just like YOU and ME!

  10. Bernhard Yolanda says:

    this cursed filth. shit influencer / shit animal torturer.
    he must be a total feeling of power (as such a big man) in front of a tiny, innocent and defenseless little animal to let himself down to the lowest level to torment and kill animals.
    this pos is sick – this disease must be eradicated

  11. Jaime Perez says:

    People always want something “new and improved ” and filthy scum breed poor animals to fit what nasty humans want! It’s a vicious cycle. People need to stop wanting designer animals, then when they don’t turn out the way they were advertised, people dump them. Wake up humans, leave the animals the way they were created!!

  12. Agree all comments torture this fucker more needs to be done to own sell breed animals and also checks yearly worldwide. Too much of this shit. Only one thing for animal abusers torture them leave them to slow death.

  13. Bev Woodburn says:

    Tom Vilsack, Secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture

    Ban breeding and marketing practices that cause suffering and death of countless PRECIOUS AND INNOCENT teacup pigs.

    I Agree all comments torture this fucker more needs to be done to own sell breed innocent and loving animals and also checks yearly worldwide. Too much of this shit. Only one thing for the vile and evil psycho psychopathic animal abusers torture them leave them to a slow death.

  14. Wendy+Morrison says:


  15. Patricia Leigh Wicker says:


  16. Lisa Allis says:

    Logan Paul also abused a baby tiger. The tiger’s owner is also charged with animal abuse. Clearly, he uses animals to get attention for himself and doesn’t care about animal welfare. It would be nice if he is encouraged to stop this.

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It does appear that these small sized pigs are being falsely marketed and in return ending up in the hands of irresponsible owners who do not know what to do with these small pigs who grow to be much bigger in size than anticipated. This does lead to abandonment of these pigs which is cruel and unfair. I do believe that more is needed to prevent this.

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