Don’t Stir Instability With Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crisis

Target: Ishikane Kimihiro, President of UN Security Council

Goal: Establish non-military and non-divisive plan for restoring security, trust, and stability to Haiti.

Hospitals, schools, and banks are either operationally crippled or entirely non-functional. Shortages of crucial supplies like water have helped fuel a devastating cholera outbreak. And violent armed gangs are reigning supreme amidst a collapse in security. Meanwhile, mass migrations are continuing. These dire conditions have prompted widespread protests in Haiti and a global plea for assistance.

Haiti’s prime minister, who is facing mounting calls for his resignation, recently requested that the United Nations (UN) send foreign armed forces to “quell the chaos.” Yet this maneuver appears to just be a means for the prime minister to hold onto power with other countries’ help. The presence of these forces would only cement resentment and suspicion within the Haitian population, who have already endured one prolonged occupation under the moniker of peacekeeping.

Haiti does need help, but not in the form of military intervention. Any security assistance should come through supporting the already badly understaffed national police force while ensuring a rigorous vetting process that will keep out bad actors who have exploited and abused Haitians in the past. The participation of community members on the ground is also key, as is support for a transitional government that can provide stability until free and fair elections are held.

Sign the petition below to urge the international community to support a peaceful path forward of and for the Haitian people.


Dear Ishikane Kimihiro,

The failed multi-year peacekeeping mission in Haiti should serve as a warning for any potential future military intervention. The citizens of this nation are experiencing a humanitarian crisis and continued turmoil, but throughout all of the struggles they still crave their agency and independence. Honoring the request of a disgraced and deeply unpopular prime minister will only further the perception of oppression and favoritism while empowering opportunistic and often violent competing factions.

Restore power to the people by supporting the Montana Accord and, in the process, supporting real security, stability, and consensus-building aid.


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Photo Credit: Marcello Casal, Jr.

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