Five Dogs Reportedly Left Outside in -16 Degree Temps Deserve Justice

Target: Scott Rueter, States Attorney, Macon County, Illinois
Goal: Seek maximum punishment for couple accused of leaving dogs outside in below zero temperatures.

Five dogs were apparently found freezing to death outside a home in Decatur, Illinois. Thanks to concerned neighbors, authorities were notified of the situation.

When sheriff’s office deputies arrived on scene, they reportedly found the dogs in bad shape. According to accounts, one of the five dogs was in such bad shape that it was immediately confiscated and transported to a local vet. Unfortunately, this poor animal, an American bulldog, was suffering from extreme hypothermia and was euthanized at the University of Illinois Veterinary Clinic in Urbana.

The sheriff’s office reports that 42-year-old Mark Miller, Jr., and 39-year-old Nyssa Richards were both charged with animal cruelty and neglect, Class A misdemeanors. As is often the case with animal abuse, both Miller and Richards were simply given a citation and a notice to appear. They were not arrested or jailed.


Dear Mr. Rueter,

It is important to forgive and to be kind, but there is no excuse and no forgiving for animal abuse.

Sheriff deputies in your jurisdiction recently cited two individuals for apparently leaving five of their dogs outside in negative 16 degree wind chills. One of the dogs suffered severe hypothermia, causing vets to euthanize the poor animal.

There is no reason five dogs should be left outside to freeze to death in these conditions. As is often the case with animal abuse, the two individuals accused of this crime are not sitting in jail, but are walking the streets free. We ask that you please prosecute this case to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

[Your Name Here]


  1. They will simply do this again, no actual consequences have occurred and it’s unlikely any will. If Illinois wants to let the rest of America know that animals mean nothing and are open to whatever any idiot feels like doing to them, then you’ve accomplished that, but justice should actually be your aim. Be a better place, fines, jail and a lifetime ban from animal contact is a start.

  2. Maria Nowicki says:

    Leave the two of them outside for a few hours in the same temperature so they can see how it feels.

  3. These two people are accountable. They put their dogs outside to freeze to death. In my book this not a Class A Misdemeanor but a Felony! These people did not face the law.

    Are humans the only animal, with rights?

    I am beyond angry at this lack of prudence on the part of the court and judge. How are we to have respect for the justice system when it refuses to prosecute issues such as this. The dogs should not be returned to these monsters as they have shown no responsibility for their actions. They also must never own or be around animals for the rest of their sorry lives. This is a disgrace!

  4. Maria Nowicki says:

    Leave the worthless humans outside for one night!!!

  5. Michelle Taylor says:

    These vile, mentally deranged severe animal abusing scumbags require immediate instigation of the death penalty and nothing less!

  6. Alice Knight says:

    These two individuals needed to have been prosecuted to the full extent, serve jail time and I don’t mean a couple of weeks or a tap on the wrist. Their behaviour and neglect should not be taken lightly. You do not have any guarantees these two will not repeat their offence and yet more animals will be neglected and euthanized. We have to begin thinking outside the box. Human beings are not the only living, feeling beings that take up residency on this planet!

  7. Wow you can tell the fucking courts don’t give a shit about animals at all there just a big bunch of fucking goofs

  8. Jaime Perez says:

    No repercussion for this appalling act? Sounds about right with our broken justice system. These two brain dead morons need to be left outside in freezing temperatures with no clothes on! See how they like it. I’m glad the dogs were rescued. Throw these idiots in jail for a very long time.

  9. josie Olive says:

    These two pricks need to stuffed in a freezer forever

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