Dogs Apparently Abandoned at Dump and Poisoned With Antifreeze Deserve Justice

Target: Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia
Goal: Seek justice for dogs apparently abandoned at dump and poisoned with anti-freeze.

A dog was recently found abandoned at a dump. The animal had been left there to die, apparently by his owner, Apolonio Aniceto of Pahrump, Nevada, aged 85. Concerned citizens found and rescued the suffering animal. When authorities were notified, they reportedly identified the dog’s owner as being Aniceto, after receiving an anonymous tip from another citizen.

When authorities arrived at Aniceto’s house, they reportedly discovered another suffering dog on the premises. Unfortunately, this second dog was apparently “in bad shape and suffering some sort of unknown medical issue.”

Authorities transported the second dog to the veterinarian, where it was discovered that the animal was apparently suffering from anti-freeze poisoning. At this point, it was decided that euthanization of the animal would be the most humane action.

Aniceto has been arrested and is facing felony animal abuse charges.


Dear Nye County District Attorney Chris Arabia,

A dog was recently found abandoned at a dump in your jurisdiction. The poor creature had apparently been left there to die. The Sheriff’s Office arrested Apolonio Aniceto of Pahrump, Nevada, aged 85, after they discovered another abused dog on his property. That animal reportedly was suffering from anti-freeze poisoning.

Animal abuse is always a serious crime, but in this case, it is particularly heinous. This man is accused of abandoning one dog to die, and possibly poisoning another dog with anti-freeze. We ask that you pursue this case with great vigor and seek a punishment that fits the crime.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nye County Sheriff’s Office


  1. Dawn Richardson says:

    Throw this piece of crap in jail. If he makes parole, make it a lifetime one.

  2. Yet more of this ‘Allegedly’, ‘Apparently’ or ‘Reportedly’ bullshit on these petitions. Either these incidents of animal cruelty took place, or they didn’t!!

    • Legally, they can’t say a person did anything until actual charges are filed. It’s crappy, but they can be sued for slander if the person gets off or is found not guilty.

  3. Michelle Taylor says:

    This ugly, mentally deranged dog killer must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonizing death for this evil cretin is essential!

  4. Gloria Navan says:

    Considering this monster’s age, I’m afraid to wonder how many other animals he’s done this to. He needs to be in prison.

  5. Jacob Pieper says:

    Let the punishment fit the crime !

  6. What a betrayal of the trust these dogs had in their owner. Dogs love, pure and simple. What a shame it is to live such a long life and have this be the gift you leave to this world. Tragic. This man must be taken into custody to face the punishment for his crimes against those loving him, trusting him, and depending on him for just a few patron the head. What a damned legacy to leave.

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