Protect the Right to Gather and Protest in Turbulent Nation

Target: Dina Boluarte, President of Peru

Goal: Lift State of Emergency in Peru, returning rights to its citizens. 

Last Week, Peruvian President Pedro Castillo attempted to dissolve Peru’s congress. However, his coup failed, and the nation fell into a state of emergency. This turmoil resulted in the Interim President, Dina Boluarte, suspending human rights for all citizens in Peru for thirty days. 

This suspension of human rights was called in response to quell protests from Castillo’s rural and urban base that rejected the incarceration of Castillo and questioned the legitimacy of the now current President Boluarte. Boluarte’s suspension of liberties includes enacting a strict night curfew and suspending the right of people to gather, protest freely, and move. It enabled Peru’s militarized police force to govern with increased violence, resulting in twenty people dead and hundreds injured. Additionally, this suspension of liberties will allow Boularte to consolidate more political power and does not guarantee that Peruvian citizens and opposition groups will retain these rights after the thirty-day period ends.

As the Peruvian Government transitions its democracy, it must do so in a way in which all voices are heard, and the rights, liberties, and freedoms of all Peruvian citizens are protected. Sign below and demand President Dina Boluarte immediately lifts the State of Emergency in Peru, granting citizens rights once again.


Dear President Boluarte,

In pursuit of legitimizing democratic norms and institutions within Peru, we demand you uphold your responsibilities to all Peruvians by lifting The State of Emergency in Peru and thus reinstating human rights.  

Only when this happens will institutions flourish, and the government can work with the people of Peru to rebuild democracy. 


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Photo Credit: Sergio Zambrano

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  1. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Peaceful protest should be a right, not a privilege! This should be true worldwide.

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