Punish Person Responsible for Leaving Chihuahua to Die

Target: Candice Hooper, District Attorney of San Benito County, CA

Goal: Prosecute animal abandonment case that led to death of small dog to fullest extent.

Last year, dozens of chihuahuas were mysteriously abandoned around Hollister, Missouri. The case raised questions about how and why the animals were left and prompted renewed discussion about the responsibility pet caretakers have to their animals. A similar situation recently unfolded when a chihuahua was dropped off overnight at a pet shelter in Hollister, California. While this Hollister is in another state, the same basic questions and debates remain.

The latest case, tragically, did not have a positive ending. The abandoned chihuahua was reportedly in such bad condition that the animal had to be euthanized. This type of incident is not new for the shelter. Just a few months prior, a suspect allegedly confessed to abandoning nearly two dozen dogs at the Hollister Animal Shelter’s overnight kennel. The person in that case faced a criminal citation, and the incident involving the chihuahua should be no different.

Sign the petition below to demand appropriate charges be filed when the party responsible for this deadly and neglectful act is identified.


Dear DA Hooper,

When the Hollister Animal Shelter discovered 23 dogs at its overnight kennel in recent months, the operation had to remind the public that abandoning animals is unlawful. Unfortunately, not everyone got the message. The shelter recently found another small dog in its kennel, and this animal tragically died because of poor health. The only way to begin preventing future acts of passive and lethal cruelty is to send a decisive legal message.

When a suspect is identified in this latest case, please pursue the maximum possible charges. Help stop another vulnerable animal from dying in vain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Nishizuka


  1. This small dog had to be euthanized?? The people who did this should also be charged for not trying to heal this dog!

  2. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    Coward, murderer, bastard, I hope your death is the cruelest possible.

  3. Bosha Karanovic says:

    God’s justice will have no mercy on you when you die, you fucking coward!

  4. Milantia Roy says:

    What an ignorant, souless, evil person, leaving a poor defenseless innocent puppy abandoned – Karma will get you sooner or later!

  5. Again and again we see the effects of weak laws, poor prosecutions, and soft judges. Being soft on crime defeats the purpose. This abuse is a felony in most states and needs to be the same in all states. Prosecutors must do their job even if the abuser is a teenager or younger. If they know right from wrong they can be tried for their crimes. Families need to held accountable too as violent events are noticeable to parents. There are so many shelters available but these people don’t look for shelters, they look for pain to others and animals, or 15 minutes of fame? The way these monsters are let off the hook means this will continue but the buck needs to stop here and now!!!

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