Stop Development From Decimating Tribal Lands

Target: Jonathan Nez, President of the Navajo Nation

Goal: Do not grant approval to construction project in Big Canyon.

A proposed project in Arizona could upend the environment and the culture of native tribes. Dubbed the Big Canyon Pumped Storage Project, the initiative would include four large dams and reservoirs that would significantly alter the landscape of Big Canyon and impact the Little Colorado River as well. For one, the area would be flooded, depriving local tribes of ceremonial sites and potentially washing away burial sites. Much of the good generated from the project may not even benefit locals but instead individuals hundreds of miles away.

The environmental effects could be even more adverse. Aside from seriously disturbing habitats, drastic changes in river flow could do irreparable harm to animals living in the region. Several bird species would be at particular risk, as well as the humpback chub.

The Navajo Nation has ultimate veto power over this project. Sign the petition below to join the chorus of voices against this undertaking where the risks far outweigh the benefits.


Dear Mr. Nez,

The Navajo people have already launched a long and ultimately successful fight against the Grand Canyon Escalade: an effort that could have decimated the native way of life and sacred lands for years to come. The Big Canyon Pumped Storage Project poses a similar danger. The lands, waters, animals, and the people deserve better than a destructive initiative doing more harm than good.

Please stand strong and united in opposing this threat.


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Photo Credit: Hendric Stattmann

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  1. Mr. Nez is a Native American. His hands should be a safe haven to protect Native rights. But he can be tempted as can we all. Pilgrims came to this country for religious freedom yet as strangers in a strange land they decided the Native people had to be of their religion. No respect shown for anyone else just what they wanted. That attitude survives today. I recently read that not one treaty or promise, even those in writing, have come to be. This government has broken every promise ever made to the Native people. Now corporations and industry are attempting to take over lands given to the Native people. We the people should demand this government uphold the lands now attempting to be seized, again! This country belonged to the Native people far before the Pilgrims set foot on this land. People feel they are Christians? Then stand up for what you know is the christian thing to do. Spoiler alert … it isn’t to steal again what does not belong to you. Honor the truth, support what is just, and be thankful the Indians helped those misguided settlers to live through those first hard years.

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