Stop Deceiving Donors About Campaign Contributions

Target: Ronna Romney McDaniel, Chair of Republican National Committee

Goal: Ensure that campaign donations are being used for their intended cause.

The battles in the Georgia Senate runoff race are apparently not just taking place at the ballot box. The campaign of one of the candidates, Republican Herschel Walker, has accused several high-profile political action committees (PACs)—and fellow Republican politicians—of essentially redirecting money intended for the candidate to their own interests. So, once again, everyday Americans may have been hoodwinked out of their well-intended donations.

Fundraising letters and emails ramped up in the aftermath of the election because of the potentially pivotal role the race’s outcome could have played in the balance of power in the Senate. These outreach tools implored individuals—many of them average donors—to contribute any amount of money they could to help Walker win. The small print (often on another page), however, told a different story. A committee associated with Donald Trump, for example, apparently failed to explicitly let donors know that only ten percent of their donations would be used toward Walker’s campaign. The rest of the money would reportedly be pocketed by Trump himself. PACs associated with prominent North Carolina politicians allegedly served up the same meager allocation and the same lack of transparency.

Only after these reported discrepancies were made public and addressed by Walker did the PACs even attempt to change course. But these developments beg the question: how many more such alleged schemes are misappropriating the hard-earned money of Americans? Sign the petition below to demand leadership clean up its deceptive act.


Dear Chair McDaniel,

A dime: this pitiful sum is how much money prominent Republicans were apparently willing to put into Senatorial ambitions in Georgia. Republican candidate Herschel Walker and his campaign allege that just ten cents of every dollar from donors around the country reached him and bolstered his efforts. The rest, seemingly unbeknownst to the individuals who entrusted their money and their political goodwill, apparently further fattened the wallets of other politicians.

If the Republican National Committee continues to condone these practices, you risk not only losing pivotal elections but, more importantly, losing the trust of your increasingly disillusioned base. Take a small step in the campaign finance reform that all voters agree is desperately needed. End the deceptive fundraising tactics now.


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  1. Citizens United should have never passed into law. If America wants a fair shake for the everyday working people we must overturn that law. Corporations are not people as that law expresses. Corporations are business and nothing more. They have CEO’s and sometimes I wonder if they are really even people. The massage of this law began dark money into politics and politicians became rich and greedy. My question is why do we the people vote these bums back into office? We also play a role in our eventuality. The government is overrun by dirty money when it should stand on votes and we should vote for the best candidates. Citizens give money to support their political party or candidate and that money needs to be transparent so we the people know where it is being spent. Let’s get rid of Citizens United and get the government working for we the voters ass it was always meant to do.

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