Save Citruses From Succumbing to Yellow Dragon Disease

Target: Inger Andersen, Executive Director of United Nations Environment Programme

Goal: Promote and invest in efforts to protect orange trees from deadly disease.

A quiet but lethal epidemic has been targeting some of the world’s most popular citrus fruits for decades, and now it’s threatening a European region renowned for its oranges. Seville is currently working hard to combat the danger as a result. Other endangered regions should take notice.

Yellow dragon disease, caused by bacteria carried in certain insects, slowly saps orange trees of life. What begins as yellowing ultimately ends with a dead plant and a seriously depleted orange supply. The Life for Citrus campaign seeks to prevent the spread of this disease not through toxic means like pesticides but rather by strengthening the environment. More trees will be planted, and they will thrive in a rich ecosystem brimming with the insects and birds that can naturally reduce and eliminate disease-carrying pests. Every effort will be made to introduce these animals around areas of orange tree growth and to promote their wellness and survival.

Sign the petition below to encourage the spread of this environmentally friendly campaign that can both save an at-risk plant and stimulate ecosystem expansion.


Dear Ms. Andersen,

Dozens of Asian and African countries have seen their often-vital orange tree populations eradicated by yellow dragon disease. This unrelenting ailment has likewise devastated trees in America and Brazil. Now, Europe is in its crosshairs, but the continent is being proactive with the Life for Citrus campaign.

This initiative utilizes nature itself to protect the endangered plants, introducing birds and other pest-preying animals. As a result, orange trees receive a shield of protection, and the surrounding ecosystem gets an enriching boost. Please explore the possibility of expanding this promising solution and implementing it in other beleaguered areas around the globe.


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Photo Credit: USDA

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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP USING TOXIC PESTICIDES which poison all life, start using natural solutions to manage disease outbreaks.

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