Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

Target: Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Support designation of Election Day as a federal holiday.

Every election day includes hotly contested races at the local, state, and federal levels. Each election cycle also increasingly comes with allegations about voter suppression, voter fraud, and even the method by which people vote. Some, if not all, of these criticisms could be alleviated through one simple act: the classification of Election Day as a federal holiday.

Currently, a handful of states have recognized this important date as a state holiday. This designation means that more people are off from work and school and therefore able to vote in-person. Having the time to vote is a common reason given for why people do not exercise this right. The inability to vote on Election Day also naturally leads to more mail-in voting, which is a frequent target for some critics.

Designating the event as a national holiday would provide more Americans an opportunity to participate in the process of voting while acknowledging the integral aspect of this action as a civic duty. Sign the petition below to urge Congress to exercise its authority in granting Election Day the importance it deserves.


Dear Speaker McCarthy,

The United States Code’s Title V gives Congress the authority to establish federal holidays. Currently, 11 days have been granted this special designation, including birthdays of public figures and religious holidays. Why, then, has Congress consistently failed to provide this special status for the day when its own fortunes are settled?

Election Day is a symbol of democracy and America every bit as much as Independence Day. It’s the lynchpin on which this nation was founded, and it should be respected as such. A federal holiday designation would not only give this consequential day the respect it deserves but also open up this fundamental American right to more people who have the day free to celebrate democracy and, most importantly, to vote.

Let Election Day finally join the distinguished ranks of other federal holidays.


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    That’s a great idea 🙂

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