Give All Communities a Fighting Chance Against Natural Disasters

Target: Kristalina Ivanova Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

Goal: Support enhanced development of multi-hazard warning systems to prevent worst effects of natural disasters.

Despite pledges to the contrary, humanity is still on track to raise global temperatures by a catastrophic two-and-a-half degrees in the near future. The United Nations (UN) panel responsible for assessing climate change has issued yet another warning about the consequences as a result. And as world leaders head off again to bicker and make empty promises, the chaos will continue around the globe.

Multi-hazard warning systems will play an increasingly integral role in alerting and preparing communities for the natural disasters that will grow in frequency. These systems are comprehensive tools that combine assessment, monitoring, detection, broad communication and dissemination capabilities, and disaster response to ensure vulnerable populations stay as safe as possible. Gaps in these systems can result in the kind of destruction and mass casualty events evident in past disasters like hurricanes. Unfortunately, over half the countries in the world do not have adequate, if any, warning systems in place, according to a UN disaster risk panel and the World Meteorological Organization. A lack of investment, especially for impoverished countries that are often on the front lines of the climate crisis, is to blame.

Sign the petition below to urge the entity most aware of these alarming trends to do more to help on the ground.


Dear Ms. Georgieva,

The UN’s Secretary-General, in acknowledgement of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, recently called for “early warnings for all.” He was alluding to the stunning absence of solid multi-hazard warning systems in half the world…the half in most dire need of these life-saving resources. The International Monetary Fund could play a pivotal role in fostering the development of such technologies through strong support of and investment in natural disaster assessment, alerts, and prepared responses.

The World Meteorological Organization has already classified the past eight years as the hottest on record. The UN releases a new report signaling the oncoming dangers on an almost weekly basis. Now, help the IMF do its part in transforming the ideas and the cautionary tales into decisive action.


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