Ban Veterinarian Accused of Beating Dog From Working With Animals

Target: Matthew Hynes, DVM, Director of Michigan Veterinary Medical Association Macomb Branch

Goal: Revoke license if veterinarian is convicted of animal cruelty.

A YouTube video surfaced appearing to show a man beating, slamming, and even choking his pet dog. Unfortunately, the circumstances are nothing new. These specific allegations, however, have a troubling new twist: the suspect is a veterinarian.

This man remains publicly unnamed because he is awaiting arraignment on animal cruelty charges. The fact that he has been identified as a professional who is tasked daily with the care of animals merits concern, though. The German shepherd at the center of the allegations, as well as two other pet dogs in the suspect’s home, have been removed from the residence. And an official in the county executive’s office was apparently troubled enough by the allegations to say that “there’s no question we had to get these dogs out of there for their own protection and for their own good.”

If the allegations against him prove true, this man should not be allowed to work with or care for animals. Sign the petition below to urge Michigan’s veterinary board to evaluate this case for possible license revocation.


Dear Dr. Hynes,

Veterinarians by their very nature must have a calm, measured approach. Animals—and especially sick animals—are unpredictable, but they absolutely deserve humane care. A veterinarian in Macomb County has allegedly demonstrated that he does not possess the fundamental qualifications to continue practice.

This man was reportedly caught on video abusing his pet dog to the extent that the animal was removed from the premises and charges were brought against the suspect. Only when authorities went to speak with him did they discover that the suspect worked in an animal care clinic in Shelby Township. Even if the suspect is convicted, the misdemeanor nature of the charges means that he will spend a minimal amount of time, if any, in jail.

Long-term consequences need to be more stringent. Please stay apprised of this case and, if a conviction does result, ensure that this man does not practice veterinary medicine again. The animals—and the people who entrust the care of their precious family members—deserve far better.


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  1. Marilyn Mick says:

    As far as I’m concerned, he should be thrown out, fined and put in jail and let some animal lovers in jail give him what he gave. Either that, or just hang him



  3. Sylvia Vegas says:

    Death penalty for him – we don’t need mounsters like him alive!

  4. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Dr. Hynes,
    Yes, of course – the Michigan’s Veterinary Board should evaluate this case for a license revocation.
    Thank you!

  5. Alice Knight says:

    What is possessing this professional, who is there to care for our pets thinking? Veterinarians are people to whom we should be able to respect,and admire. I assume they have chosen this line of work to be there for the animal’s welfare. They are mistreating their patients and their entire profession. These professionals are making it difficult for people to trust them.

  6. Julie Bates says:

    The law is ball less …. It does nothing!!
    Force change !!!!

  7. Julie Bates says:

    Why can’t the LAW BE MORE FORCE FULL ????

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