Save World’s Lands and Seas Before Time Runs Out

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Ensure robust attendance of international conference centered on nature protections.

Nature itself will be on the line when several nations converge in Canada for the COP15 conference. The aim of this global gathering is to finalize a Paris Climate Accord-style agreement to protect the world’s natural habitats and its dwindling biodiversity. Unfortunately, due to lackadaisical leadership, the latest chance for humanity to care about the planet it calls home could crumble into empty, harsh words and indifference.

China currently holds presidency over this summit, yet its own leader will apparently not attend the gathering. In fact, when Chinese officials sent out invitations for the event, no world leaders (only ministers) were invited. These actions lead critics to believe that China is downplaying and dismissing the very summit it is supposed to be shepherding. This troubling approach comes at a time when scientists are consistently ringing the alarm about a rapidly dwindling window for civilizations to get their acts together.

Sign the petition below to urge Chinese leadership to honor its commitments in full.


Dear President Xi,

Historic flooding and record-breaking temperatures recently displaced and endangered countless Chinese citizens, further highlighting a need for urgent action. At this critical juncture, China has the opportunity to become an important world leader and a guide for humanity. The COP15 conference could be a crucial step toward realizing this promise.

Yet China is squandering this opportunity. World leaders are not being invited to a consequential gathering in which the stakes could not be higher. President Xi, you are reportedly not even attending this incredibly important event. Please reconsider and ensure that adequate representation for all is available not for the sake of appearance or power but for the sake of the planet.

How many leaders in history can truly say they had a hand in saving the world?


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Photo Credit: Simon Berger

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  1. President Xi owes it to the world to either be sincere and show up to share input on the climate or take back your invitation and allow others to do it who really do give a damn.
    This world does not belong to any one country. Yet power makes wise men fools. This world must learn to care for all and to share. Those in power need to have their power taken away as they are not interested in the continuance of life, nor peace, nor assistance to others, they simply want power which will, in the end, cause their demise. And sadly the demise of their people. This demise may not be timely enough to help the world through these dark days put upon us by those in power, politically and/or economically. I hope the people will rise up as we can see there are no boundaries or limits to various lands across the globe. If we are to survive and not parish, we may have to take matters into our own hands. If there is a peaceful way to accomplish this end, we must find it and use it. If not then may the ultimate power save the people, the oceans, the animals, the wildlife, the soil … which saves the earth. Welcome home.

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