Dog Reportedly Stabbed by Man in Fit of Rage Deserves Justice

Target: Richard Goldinger, District Attorney of Butler County, PA

Goal: Prohibit man accused of stabbing pet dog from further contact with animals.

A Pennsylvania man allegedly attacked his own dog with a kitchen knife. According to reports, Christopher Chuhra grabbed the knife after being bitten, then stabbed the animal at least three times. Thankfully, the husky benefitted from emergency surgery and is reportedly recovering.

Chuhra, on the other hand, faces aggravated animal cruelty charges. This case seemingly demonstrates how animals are often used as convenient targets for the anger of a human because they cannot fight back. Any individual caring for a pet should realize the responsibility that comes with being near an animal with natural instincts like biting.

Sign the petition below to urge that a ban on pet ownership and contact with animals be included among the pursued penalties in this case.


Dear DA Goldinger,

A dog nearly lost his life after his owner and caretaker allegedly stabbed him. If not for emergency surgical intervention, this innocent animal could have suffered an agonizing death. Christopher Chuhra stands accused of violating his duty of care and perpetuating aggravated animal cruelty.

Please pursue these charges with vigilance and do everything in your power to ensure Mr. Chuhra, if found guilty, is barred from contact with any more future potential victims.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tranmautritam


  1. Loraine Pretorius says:

    What has become of the human race. Monsters are being bred daily. This man is deranged and needs to be put away forever and never be allowed near or own a pet EVER. SHAME ON YOU

  2. That dog did not bite Chuhra for no reason, he was doing something to his dog to get this reaction and his overreaction is inexcusable and should not be tolerated or allowed to go unpunished. The dog cannot fight back against an armed assailant, but I do wish the dog had of torn this asshat’s throat out. That not being possible, the jerk needs a lifetime ban from any animal contact and a life time of anger management and psych treatment.

  3. Michelle Taylor says:

    This vile, mentally deranged severe dog abusing scumbag definitely requires instigation of the death penalty.

  4. Milantia Roy says:

    Death penalty for that coward … wish it were feasible!

  5. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear DA Goldinger,
    People don’t seem to realize that the plagues, storms, droughts, earthquakes, floods, etc., are already a sign of the end of the world — and as for these perversities that happen daily and that do not receive a just punishment, they do no more than to defy God and hasten the end of this corrupt world we live in

  6. Alice Knight says:

    This person needs to learn to deal with his anger issues ASAP!
    I hope he will never be allowed to own or be able to care for any animal again. No second chances should be given.

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