Success: Rights of Unionizing Workers Supported and Upheld

Target: Lynne Fox, President of Workers United

Goal: Support rights of employees to pursue better workplace conditions without fear of retaliation.

When over 200 Starbucks locations around the country voted to unionize, the coffee giant was accused of union-busting practices. This ForceChange petition detailed the allegations and called for change. Thanks to such efforts, important strides are being made in this major labor movement.

In two cases from separate states, workers who were allegedly unfairly fired and even reportedly targeted for criminal investigations have returned to work. A recent case from New York is significant in particular because it represents Starbucks’ first major union settlement. Since this case and others have been filed, the company has seemingly ramped up its employee benefits and added a family expansion support program. Members of Congress have taken note and joined in advocating for the employees. And Starbucks itself appears to be changing course, announcing recently that it wanted to begin collective bargaining agreements and stating that “we look forward to these negotiations and hopefully setting dates and securing locations for contract bargaining.”

Sign the petition below to thank the organization championing these welcome developments for workers’ rights.


Dear Ms. Fox,

As members of Congress wrote in a letter to Starbucks, the organization’s support for unionizing its employees could truly fulfill its progressive reputation. More importantly, it could set a standard for millions of workers across the country. Due in large part to your efforts, this goal is several steps closer to happening. By helping secure consequential wins like the National Labor Relations Board agreement on behalf of New York employees, you are paving the way for more transformative and wide-scale change.

Thank you for your continued diligence on behalf of the American worker.


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