Stop Exploiting Innocent Refugees for Political Gain

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: Revise refugee bussing policy and coordinate with other states to ensure humane treatment.

When the Great Depression gripped America, the U.S. president took the opportunity to cast Mexican immigrants as a root cause, despite the depression ravaging economies around the world. In the aftermath, immigration laws became much harsher, barring essentially all entrants save white Europeans. The Mexican Repatriation Act also passed, leading to the deportation of up to one million immigrants. The massive majority of the deportees were American citizens. This dark history has repeated itself many times over in recent years, and two power-hungry politicians are currently writing the latest chapter.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched Operation Lone Star, which has to date resulted in the bussing of hundreds of asylum-seekers at the Southern border to Illinois, New York, Washington, DC, and Massachusetts. Never one to miss the political spotlight, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida soon joined in these efforts. Instead of funding these manipulative campaign advertisements themselves, however, they are doing so off the backs of their taxpayers. Each refugee placed on a bus costs the people of Texas and Florida roughly 1,500 dollars. The total price tag stands at 12 million dollars and rising.

The refugees did not cross the border illegally, but instead turned themselves over to the legal process of seeking asylum. In return for risking their lives to reach the Land of the Free, they were allegedly told outright lies that shelter, food, and legal assistance would be awaiting them if they boarded the buses. Some were even reportedly told they had a “great surprise” in store. The cities now giving shelter to these refugees, on the other hand, received no advance notice, and bus drivers were apparently instructed not to even talk with volunteers so vital information about the refugees could be gathered. If alleviating the burdens of border cities and providing compassionate care were really on the itinerary of the governors, they would have handled this plan much differently. Instead, they gladly used human beings as a political weapon and a cheap news soundbite.

Sign the petition below to compel the man responsible for this heartless scheme to rediscover his humanity.


Dear Governor Abbott,

“The history of the colonization of the United States, clearly the biggest colonial endeavor the world has ever known, had as its first act the complete annihilation of its native peoples.” These words did not come from a critical race theory curriculum or a progressive politician. They came from Adolf Hitler, who used U.S. ideals of Manifest Destiny and the building of Native American reservations as inspiration for his campaign of genocide. The dictator was also heartened by U.S. policy at the time that demonized and struck out against immigrants and deported hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

We’re supposed to study history so that we don’t repeat it, Governor. Do not go down in history with the likes of Adolf Hitler as someone who uses human beings as an instrument to gain and retain power. Work with cities, states, and their lawmakers to address immigration influxes and solutions. Share the burden, but do so humanely and without using taxpayers to fund a political stunt that is potentially illegal.

These human beings deserve better. Let’s not forget that the Lone Star State was once a part of Mexico, and Hispanic heritage is deeply ingrained in its core.


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  1. Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

    Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are extremist scum bag Republicans that need to be held accountable. These two along with insurrectionist Donald Trump should have all been swallowed at conception. The best part of them ran down their mommas leg.

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