Ban Agonizing Bow and Arrow Assaults Against Bears and Other Wildlife

Target: Charlton Bonham, Director of California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Strengthen restrictions on bow hunting to enhance wildlife conservation.

A bear that has become a beloved fixture of one California neighborhood was recently spotted by several area residents. Something was different with this visit, however. The bear lumbered painfully from yard to yard, sometimes collapsing and at other times moaning. The source of his apparent agony was the arrow protruding from his side.

Calling for justice for this innocent living being would be useless, however, because in California this type of assault is perfectly legal. As long as you have a license, you can bow hunt. Unlike every other state in the nation, you do not even need to enroll in a hunter education and certification course to take up your bow and arrows and slaughter animals at will. The result is the kind of careless, cruel injuries that befell this defenseless bear.

Sign the petition below to demand California stop declaring open season on its wildlife.


Dear Director Bonham,

“He laid on his side, he perched his head up to look at us and, almost as though asking for help, he lifted his paw up, which was the most heart-wrenching thing.” These words came from an Arcadia resident who came upon an injured, and possibly dying, bear in his backyard. This animal was likely the latest victim of this state’s largely unregulated bow hunting practice, which is the most lenient in the nation.

While California has established itself as a progressive leader in many ways, this state still woefully lags in the protections and respect it affords its wildlife. Do you really want to be known as a place where the echoes of painful moans are the sounds reverberating through neighborhoods? Do you want the first experiences children have with wildlife to be images of slaughter? And do you want to replace conservation with unchecked cruelty?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then do something. Reign in unregulated bow hunting before the next victim falls.


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Photo Credit: Vincent MA Janssen


  1. Maria Lavorato says:

    This should NOT be allowed! This is MURDER!!!!!

    Make it illegal and enforce the law with jail and fines!
    These are not toys…these are living breathing creatures that feel PAIN…..YOU HEARTLESS SICK PSYCHOS.

    Let’s hunt you down to die a lonely slow agonizing DEATH!!! Hope it comes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by how Its Animals are treated.”
      Mahatma Gandhi

      Arthur Schopenhauer

      Animals = Beings Of Light 👼💖

      humans = 👹☠ ??????? TRASH!!!!!!!


      I agree and kill the hunters with an ultra slow tortuous death. Make them killers cry like never before !!!

  2. Cindy+and+Christine+Guarnieri says:

    People can be so cruel and heartless and selfish. This is a horrible slow death most of the times for the suffering animals. This should NOT be allowed to occur any more.

  3. Gail Roberts says:

    What ever happened to the SPCA? They are supposed to be there to prevent cruelty to animals.
    The sick people who get pleasure from killing helpless animals are a blight and an shame to the human race.

  4. Wendy+Morrison says:


  5. Urszula Lund says:

    This is an EXTREME ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME perpetrated by MENTALLY-DERANGED SADISTIC PSYCHOPATHS!!!! This CRIME proves that humans are completely DEHUMANIZED!!!
    The only thing these scumbags deserve is to be put in front of the FIRING SQUAD.
    HUNTING IS MENTAL ILLNESS and must be forbidden!

  6. Nadine+brundage says:

    Animals suffer an agonizing death when shot with arrows from hunters who don’t know what the hell they are doing when using bow and arrow. Hunting is not a game and to allowing ignorant assholes to hunt and maim an animal is evil and cruel. Laws need to be enforced and protect wildlife from pathetic humans.

  7. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I did not know that the State of California has unregulated bow hunting practice which can lead to needless pain and suffering to animals injured by a bow from inexperienced bow hunters. This method of hunting is cruel and inexcusable. Not to mention the agonizing pain and suffering that these animals go through.

  8. transformation6891Janey says:

    i find it horrifically absurd that anyone adult or child is allowed to hunt with a bow in affluent USA or anywhere else. Bears should be protected and so anyone doing this should be rounded up and given a jailterm. It is cruel and must not be accepted. Get bows and guns out of idiots hands.

  9. Agree all comments round all these cunts up and do this to them. What is wrong with laws and cruel fucken people they should be tortured who do this let these fuckers suffer.STOP THIS NOW.

  10. I thought California was supposed to be so progressive and inclusive, etc., and yet they couldn’t care less about the suffering of non-human sentient beings. I guess their inclusiveness doesn’t include the animal kingdom. Oh, yeah, animals don’t vote. This is why animal welfare activists must carry the weight for the poor suffering creatures that have no voice in this world. Thank you all for caring.

  11. I despise bow hunting as much as I despise trophy hunters. Both are disgusting as is the people who do it.

  12. Trophy hunting is bad enough, but when you add bow and arrow to the mix you have a recipe for inhumane, drawn out suffering of the worst kind. Why not just trap them in steel spring traps so they can slowly bleed to death in agony, not much different. All, ALL, of this needs to stop, it’s barbaric.

  13. Jane+Morrow says:

    I hate any type of hunting but this is particularly cruel, savage and inhumane. I always laugh when a hunter (cunter!) comes to a sticky end, one less asshole in the world. End speciesism, animals have as much right to live peacefully as any human.

  14. Ban all hunting, animal ag, and any use of animals for “research”, entertainment, etc. As for bow hunters, they deserve a few arrows in till they assume room temperature as do all those who hurt animals.

  15. What loser uses avow and arrow??
    This is pure cruelty, for fun. I hope he gets bow and arrowed when we find out who he is!

  16. Gianna Macias says:

    And do not forget countless deer, DOGS, CATS, that are being killed and
    injured, loosing limbs. THIS IS BARBARIC

  17. STOP the brutally cruel & depravedly indifferent HUNTING racket — what’s worse, it’s with a bow & arrow — we MUST PROTECT our Animals in the Wild — they deserve happy and healthy lives — find another TARGET for your SHAMEFUL heinous atrocities.

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