Justice for Jailed Women Reportedly Raped and Trafficked by Law Enforcement

Target: Carolyn Maloney, Chair of House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Goal: Support oversight of sheriff’s departments to protect jailed Americans from potential abuses.

A corrections officer allegedly subjected a dozen female inmates to a “night of terror.” The officer reportedly sold keys for women’s cells to male inmates. Several men apparently used the keys to enter the women’s unit, sexually assault, and physically threaten the female prisoners for hours. Worse yet, no guards seemingly came to their aid during the alleged assaults. In fact, the women themselves were supposedly penalized in the aftermath by being placed on lockdown and subjected to unwarranted searches. Even the sheriff of the involved department has been charged in this horrific incident. A few states away, a Tennessee police chief is under fire after allegations emerged that he ignored rape allegations and obstructed an investigation.

Both of these cases demonstrate a striking lack of accountability in local police departments across the country. While federal, state, and other law enforcement authorities are bound by strict regulations and standards, many sheriff’s departments enjoy little to no oversight. In response to its own troubles, California recently enacted a law that ensures every county has the resources to develop a watchdog group for sheriff’s departments, which may include inspectors general or an oversight committee.

Sign the petition below to urge a national law that would make the same investment.


Dear Representative Maloney,

At least two county sheriffs have recently been accused of enabling a culture of sexual assault against jailed and other vulnerable individuals. For so many communities, the sheriff’s department is the only true and continuous standard for maintaining the rule of law. If leaders in positions of authority abuse this power to victimize and commit crimes themselves, that fragile trust law enforcement must foster with the citizens it serves is broken, perhaps beyond repair.

Please consider a model of the recently passed California bill that supported and invested in sheriff’s department oversight inspectors and committees. Help maintain the integrity of local law enforcement and the trust of the people.


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Photo Credit: Ron Lach


  1. Gilda Provenzano says:

    Nothing shocks me anymore. In Brooklyn a cop was found out to be a pimp. Closest police precinct to me.

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    This is reprehensible, despicable, HIGHLY EGREGIOUS and must NEVER be allowed to happen.

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