Punish Police Who Allegedly Beat a Man Until He Blacked Out

Target: Mark Davidson, District Attorney General of Oakland, TN

Goal: Seek full charges if police officers are found to have participated in beating of suspect.

A motorist speeds and does not obey a stop sign. This relatively routine traffic violation happens every day across America. For most individuals, though, it does not end in the brutal manner it apparently did for Brandon Calloway. This Tennessee man sustained significant injuries, allegedly at the hands of the police who arrested him. In his own words: “my head has really just been hurting constantly. I’ll wake up…my head hurts and I’ve got a sharp pain in my eye. I can’t focus. I can’t focus for more than like 15 minutes now.”

The moments leading to Calloway’s controversial arrest were caught on video. Calloway had reportedly fled to his home after police attempted to stop him. When they followed him inside, they apparently deployed tasers and batons to repeatedly strike him, despite the seeming absence of any weapon. A woman inside the home, who took the video, can be heard screaming, “why are you chasing and hitting him? He has no weapon.” Calloway supposedly suffered a period of unconsciousness from the alleged attack, and both he and the witness claim that one officer stepped on his neck.

So far, only one officer has been temporarily relieved of duty with pay, but an investigation is underway. Tennessee’s statutes on police brutality clearly prohibit the use of excessive force. If these officers escalated a traffic stop to the point that a suspect was left bloody and battered with potential internal injuries, then they are in violation of the law they took an oath to uphold.

Sign the petition below to urge maximum legal action if these officers are found culpable.


Dear District Attorney General Davidson,

After a young Black woman from Georgia in the midst of a mental health crisis reportedly died in police custody following an arrest for drunk and disorderly conduct, renewed attention has been focused on officer training and excessive response. The case in your jurisdiction involving Brandon Calloway, another young Black individual, starkly reinforces these concerns. How could a traffic violation so quickly escalate into the disturbing images and the bloodied arrestee seemingly captured on video?

Please follow through with this investigation and ensure that an objective and fair judgment is reached regarding the involved officers’ potential guilt. If they are determined to have disregarded Tennessee’s police brutality laws and to have put this man’s life in harm’s way, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent, with maximum charges attached. Reaffirm that justice is truly blind.


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Photo Credit: Kindel Media


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    ENOUGH of these brutal beatings!!! WHAT JUSTIFICATION IS THERE? ENOUGH.

  2. I see why people of color run from the police, even for a simple traffic violation!

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