Save Great Hammerhead Shark From Extinction

Target: Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of International Maritime Organization

Goal: Protect at-risk sharks and other endangered marine species.

Shark attacks have ramped up in the news lately, but these rare instances do not tell the true story. Currently, nearly 400 shark species are listed on the Red List of endangered species. This sad statistic highlights a harsh reality: humans are much more of a danger to sharks than sharks are to humans. One of the most unique and distinct species, the unmistakable great hammerhead, may face the greatest threat of all.

A man recently made headlines when he captured one of the massive sharks and then released the animal. Unfortunately, most hammerheads ensnared by humans, either by accident or by design, are not so lucky. Ninety percent of captured hammerheads die. These odd-looking sharks can measure up to 20 feet long, and they prowl the waters mostly alone, which makes them potentially easy targets for human hunters.

In addition to their elongated heads, the sharks also have large fins. These structures are highly coveted for their use in shark fin soup. As a result, opportunistic hunters routinely prey upon great hammerheads in order to take their fins. This relentless slaughter is a driving reason why the shark is considered a critically endangered species at dire risk of extinction.

Despite their bleak status, great hammerheads still have no direct conservation protections. Sign the petition below to demand one of the world’s leading organizations provide these desperately needed safeguards.


Dear Secretary-General Lim,

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea has identified many at-risk marine species, including the highly endangered great hammerhead shark. This agreement has done little to nothing, however, in devising and implementing actionable policies that can protect these species. The great hammerhead, for example still enjoys no wide-scale conservation protections anywhere in the world.

While human beings selfishly indulge their desire for culinary oddities like shark fin soup, truly unique and irreplaceable species like the great hammerhead are in danger of vanishing forever. Please help reverse these tragic trends by making the convention’s aims more than just lip service.


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Photo Credit: Jim Capaldir


  1. Mark S. Weinberger says:


  2. Maria Lavorato says:

    Does man really need shark fin soup!?????? It is unbelievable that man annihilates a specie for the sake of having a little fin soup!!!! Disgusting!!

    Start now to put in place laws that prohibit this kind of exploitation of these hammerhead sharks and soundly protect them by enforcing laws for maximum punishment THAT DETERS ALL THIS GREED!! FINES AND LOTS OF JAIL TIME!!!!!

  3. I have always loved Hammerheads! Such a unique form. It should be a very shameful, disgraceful thing to eat something as stupid, wasteful and useless as shark fin soup. Need to put into place laws that protect Hammerheads and diligently enforce them.

  4. Lisa+M.+Lehman says:

    Keep it 100! Chinese and Japanese culture needs to change YESTERDAY. They think eating weird shit makes your dick bigger. It doesn’t make your common cold disappear. They don’t make you more fertile. Nothing you’re killing, hanging raw from a pole in the middle of a hugely unsanitary, crowded store full of jars of dried unfortunate smaller creatures makes you smarter. Stick with rice and vegetables morons.

  5. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Shame on the evil sadistic barbarian human race!!! Totally no respect for God or any of His creatures and creations!!!!

  6. Gilda Provenzano says:


  7. Urszula Lund says:

    GO VEGAN. This is the only ethical eating option and lifestyle. In the vegan world no-one will hunt animals to extinction!!!!

  8. Shirley Lemieux says:

    With the highly endangered status of the Hammerhead Sharks, it is time to provide conservation protections. This is a unique creature of the Ocean that deserves protections from our Government.





  10. We MUST PROTECT our Sharks — our HAMMERHEAD Sharks — STOP the ABUSE & CRUELTY — our Oceans and Planet NEED Sharks — Leave them alone and LET them LIVE

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