Don’t Bow Down to Suspected Killer Crown Prince

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Hold Saudi Arabian leadership accountable for reported roles in civilian execution and Yemen war.

President Biden will soon be visiting the man he once vowed to make “a pariah”: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The royal is widely believed to have ordered the brutal execution and dismemberment of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The upcoming meeting drew fierce criticism because of this incident and due to Saudi Arabia’s still-spotty record on human rights issues.

This planned meeting will take place in Saudi Arabia and involve other leaders in the region, but the Saudi government was very prompt to put out a statement highlighting a potential one-on-one meeting between the president and the crown prince. Previously, President Biden had expressed a desire to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, despite his prior condemnations. Energy and gas are also expected to be major talking points, which raises concerns that the president is willing to sacrifice his principles for an unhealthy shot of oil.

Sign the petition below to urge President Biden to not sell out American values for short-term economic gain.


Dear President Biden,

In the span of a year, Saudi Arabia went from a “pariah” to an important “strategic partner,” in your words. The upcoming meeting could be an opportunity for “recalibration.” Yet recalibration cannot mean acquiescence. The entire world is experiencing higher energy prices and inflation, but these circumstances cannot be an excuse to kiss the rings of dictators who might provide a short-term fix to long-term problems.

This meeting should be about accountability for the horrific murder of a man who did nothing but speak his mind and for the continuation of another crisis you once pledged to help end: the Yemen conflict. To this day, Saudi Arabia sustains a blockade of key parts of this war-torn nation and threatens to conclude a truce that has kept a fragile measure of peace. You once stated that you were not afraid to look Vladimir Putin in the eyes and call him a killer.

Please take that same resolve to a land where so many fundamental rights and freedoms are still at stake.


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  1. Let’s not forget that the Saudis were also behind 911.

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