Stop Torturing Dogs and Cats in Gas Chambers

Target: Joseph R. Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Ban the inhumane practice of gassing dogs and cats at kill shelters.

Dogs and cats in kill shelters are euthanized at alarming rates. While the number of animals euthanized has decreased significantly from previous years–it was in the millions just a few years ago–hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats still face this cruel fate each year in the United States.

Kill shelters usually give their pets a mere 72 hours and, if the pet doesn’t get adopted within this minimal time frame, they are euthanized in the name of population management. Sometimes, dogs or cats considered “desirable” will be given a little extra time, though it is only a matter of a day or two. Animals that are killed are usually perfectly healthy and often extremely sociable–they are by no means unadoptable, just victims of poor circumstance and timing.

Among the many methods of euthanization is gassing. Unfortunately, though outlawed in the majority of states, this practice is still legal in four states–namely Ohio, Wyoming, Missouri and Utah. Gas chambers are regarded as a particularly efficient method for euthanizing animals, as they allow workers to kill the most animals in the least amount of time. Gas chambers are metal boxes that emit either carbon monoxide (CO) or carbon dioxide (CO2) in high doses.

To save money spent on CO and CO2 gasses, tens of animals are usually cramped into the chamber at once. Animals are stressed and scared as they enter the unfamiliar environment that often reeks of the urine, blood, and feces of animals from prior executions. Dogs and cats cry out as they are being gassed and desperately try to escape, sometimes even breaking their own claws as they try to dig their way to freedom. Arguably the most disturbing part is that it might be upwards of forty minutes before an animal loses consciousness, so they are subjected to these agonizing conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Dogs and cats belong in homes to be loved and cared for, not thrown into metal gas chambers and discarded as if they are trash. Sign this petition to encourage that gas chambers be banned on a national level–there are more humane methods of euthanization, and it is our duty to ensure these methods are the ones implemented.


Dear President Biden,

The practice of euthanizing adoptable dogs and cats at overcrowded shelters is still very common throughout the United States. Among these methods of euthanization exists an unusually cruel method of torture–known as a gas chamber. Gas chambers, which are metal crates that emit copious amounts of poisonous gasses such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, are outlawed in most states. However, this means of euthanization is still legal and routinely practiced in four American states: Ohio, Wyoming, Missouri and Utah.

Dogs and cats subjected to these conditions suffer agonizing deaths. Tens of animals are thrown into a chamber at once, oftentimes stressed and scared by the strange environment. According to eyewitness accounts of the gassing process, animals typically cry out and try–without success–to dig their way out of the chambers. When unloading and discarding the bodies, shelter workers often notice injuries–like broken bones and claws–sustained during the gassing. Worst of all, it could take up to forty minutes for animals to completely lose consciousness, meaning they suffer immensely throughout this wretched process.

If dogs and cats must be killed by these shelters, we at least owe them a more humane death. Euthanization, by definition, means a painless death, so how can we continue to allow this as a permissible euthenasisa form? We are asking you, President Biden, to reduce the suffering of dogs and cats at shelters and to enact a national law banning the use of gas chambers in all states.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Erick Pleitez


  1. Leimamo Oshiro says:

    Using gas chamber or euthanized on innocent ANIMALS is CRUEL and MEAN🤬🤬😡😡👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼 You people are so heartless. One day every one of you will be HELL IN HELL🔥🔥🔥👍👍

  2. These vile animal ausding/killing scumbags must be exterminated.Slow and agonising deaths for these evil cretins is essential.

  3. Myrna Burdick says:

    President and Mrs Biden, I had hoped that you would be more humane than your predesessor but I see that your choice of
    Secretary of Agriculture and likewise the idiot in charge of the
    BLM and the gas chambers used to kill hundreds of dogs and cats –
    sounds like the methods used by the Germans during WWII. And, yes let us not forget all the wild animals that the two of you have picked to have killed in the name of our country. And I voted for you, hoping that you would do a better job. Your job rating is poor at this point and your humanity is very much lacking.

  4. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Gas chamber euthanasia is EGREGIOUSLY INHUMANE, barbaric and cruel. These poor animals, abandoned by society, do not deserve a PAINFUL AND AGONIZING end to what lives they had. PLEASE BAN GAS CHAMBER EUTHANASIA IN ALL 50 STATES IMMEDIATELY. We are better than this.

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