Man Accused of Violently Beating Dog For Eating His Lunch Must be Punished

Target: Florida State Attorney Amira D. Fox
Goal: Vigorously prosecute man accused of beating his dog for eating his food.

A man was caught on video appearing to violently beat his dog in the back of a car. According to reports, the man attacked his dog because the animal ate some of his lunch.

Luckily, the suspect was apprehended when deputies, who were at the gas station interviewing witnesses, noticed the man return to the scene in the same car with his girlfriend.

The suspect, identified as 22-year-old Marcus Chiddister was arrested and is accused of beating his dog, a 2-year-old pit bull named Sheeba. According to the local Sheriff, the suspect has been arrested 45 times in his 22 years of life.

According to the suspect’s girlfriend, this was not the first time that the man had beaten poor Sheeba.

Authorities went to the suspect’s home and took possession of Sheeba. She was taken to Lee County Domestic Animal Services where it was apparently determined that the dog had sustained “non-accidental” injuries.

Police say that the suspect claimed he was hitting cockroaches in the back of his car and not his dog.


Dear State Attorney Amira D. Fox

A man named Marcus Chiddister is accused of violently attacking his dog, a 2-year-old pitbull named Sheeba. Video captured at the scene appears to show the suspect beating the poor dog in the back seat of his car.

According to reports, police interviewed the man’s girlfriend, who positively identified the subject in the video. Apparently, she also indicated that the suspect has similarly beaten Sheeba in the past.

Animal abuse is a serious crime that is often under-punished. We ask that you vigorously prosecute this disturbing case and seek the maximum penalty under the law.

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Lee County Clerk of Courts


  1. The ugly malice being demonstrated by people on this thread does not reflect well on dog-lovers.

    • I tend to agree. When people say things that show they are no better than the abusers.

    • You make a distinct point here Godfrey,
      When a dog (many times a pit attacks a person or a child) either provoked or unprovoked, people usually respond with “ it’s how a dog is raised.” Well guess what ‘?’ “?” It’s how CHILDREN are raised as well! Oftentimes they are not given enough nourishment and their bodies and brains never develop correctly. Add Alcohol and or drugs and you get a generation that has a generation that has generations of children and adults who do NOT know how to cope. I suggest looking into neo natal preemie units and see how many children are born meth and fetal alcohol syndrome addicted. It could’ve been much worse although giving the dog a beat down isn’t very humane, nor does it display empathetic and compassionate behavior.
      I would just recommend to this poor sop that next time he eats his sandwich give the dog half of it, as she is suppose to be your best bud afterall, right? Or at least buy a package of dog treats or even some beef jerky., or dog food …. ? You can’t love anybody else until you love yourself first. After you find that you like yourself then you see the good in others, before you see the bad; if bad does in fact exist within the particular person. When you learn to see the good in people then you can reach out to them, you then are able to communicate and possibly attempt to or at least try to understand and cultivate empathy and become more compassionate. When you become more compassionate you are better able and equipped with human relations coping tools& skills. You are delusional and totally unrealistic if you expect someone who most likely came from a background of neglect and possibly abuse ? to treat an animal that is in his care
      in a normal and healthy way ??? Unhealthy people wether they are mentally deficient, unbalanced/unstable either born that way or have gotten that way through drug and alcohol abuse and add to that being raised that way is having unrealistic expectations. Yes, Sheba deserves better, babies and people deserve better too.
      We all help one another, it’s the circle of life. The criticism and condemnation has to and needs to stop. It’s people that help the animals, the animals need us to get our act together. You can’t others if you can’t help yourself, don’t put unreasonable and unattainable expectations on an individual who doesn’t have the ability to adequately care for themself before accepting responsibility for an animal.

      • I don’t think this ahole deserves to get the poor dog back. The AH should be sitting in jail for animal abuse!

      • Lord have mercy KB. This POS has been arrested 45 times in his 22 years. There is no hope. Our laws and criminal system suck. Our animal welfare and abuse laws are weak. Look at that mess of a human being.
        He really needs to be locked up for good. I tell ya what, how about you adopt that POS into your home and “fix him”. Hope you don’t have kids or pets.

  2. Oh please Godfrey. This is not a person whose behavior merits your warm fuzzies.


  4. Come on now, he must be stupid. He looks crazy. Life long ban on owning or being around pets and animals. Keep ur lunch out of the dogs reach fool!
    His ass belongs in jail. No pet animal or person is safe with him on the loose.
    Prayers sweet baby.


    How come this scumbag has been arrested so many times and still aloud to walk the streets.Nothing but a coward to beat an animal and i hope they lock him up and through away the key.

    • Kristine says:

      Thought SAME thing seeing his outrageous number of arrests, WTH??? He CLEARLY needs SERIOUS help, and I don’t think much progress will be made, unless that help is almost forced upon him while in custody!!! It doesn’t mean they will succeed, and I DEFINITELY feel there should be a ban on owning or caring for ANY animals once out, but every effort should be made to get him the mental help he desperately needs!! God Bless sweet Sheeba, I pray she stays in safe hands, and never goes back to this couple!! 🙏

  6. Monstrous monstrous evil, heartbreaking and horrific, karma is theirs – I feel you, poor lost innocent souls; their blood on your souls

    The abuse, torture & murder of the innocents

    Some heartbreaks can never be unseen, some horrors never unheard – PLEASE GOD

    And the universe weeps tears of blood

    Your life as theirs

  7. This ugly, perverted creep AND his idiot girlfriend are perfect examples of the devolving human species at its worst. She puts up with him knowing he beats the dog (and probably her too), and just LOOK at him. Ugh. May as well hang a sign around his neck saying “I’m a walking POS.” And the excuse that he wasn’t hitting his dog but was trying to kill cockroaches in his car? Who the F__ has COCKROACHES in their car????
    And excuse me, but already arrested 45 times? Someone needs to hold a pillow over this garbage’s face and remove him from the planet. His GF too. At the very least, sterilize both of them and lock them in a cel and forget where they are.

    • Totally agree with you. Instead of spending a lot of money on his ugly face, he should have bought food for this poor dog. Please don’t let Sheeba go back with this
      asshole and his girlfriend.

  8. American Girl says:

    This is astonishing! 42X & hes still walking around? Wtf is the matter with you people in the si called “justice” system? Paint a target on his ass and put him in jail where he belongs! Or better yet, QUIT wasting our money on these inbred cowards and cull them from Society! Dont allow him near any animal ever & keep us updated on Sheeba, please!

  9. Melissa Leith says:

    Godfrey, this man is an asshole, and he deserves nothing but everything bad to happen in his life. I am an animal lover, and I definitely feel ugly malice toward this man, and people like him. The poor dog should be taken from him, and he should never be allowed to have any animals, ever again.

  10. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Yet another violent scumbag on the streets who bullies and beats on living beings smaller and weaker then them. Marcus Chiddister is a walking waste of flesh who does not deserve the love from an animal. Incapable of following the law of the land, arrested 45 times in his 22 years of life, this so called human being has already shown to authorities that breaking the Law and beating on innocent victims is the path that he has chosen. It’s time to lock up this kid and see if Prison life can some how straighten him out before he kills someone or something.

  11. Laura Rolder says:

    Felony animal abuse charges is a must. Lock him away. I wish he could be removed from society for ever because he is a dangerous POS!

  12. Mike Castoldi says:

    This shitbag shouldcbe killed end of story!!! Hope Sheena finds a good loving forever home!!!

  13. Look how many times he has been arrested and you will know this isn’t a fine upstanding citizen. He should never get that poor unfortunate dog back and he should never be allowed to own any animals for life. If anyone deserves a long prison sentence it is him. His lunch shouldn’t be near the dog as the dog is going to eat it. Punishing an animal with force and beatings will not stop the dog from bad behavior because the dog doesn’t know why he is being beaten and he will do it again if circumstances are the same. This guy is disgusting and beatings will only make the dog aggressive. Animal cruelty can not be tolerated and we must make harsher laws.
    If you don’t put him in prison for cruelty then he will be back in custody soon. Do the public a favor and give him a sentence.

  14. This ugly,mentally deranged severe dog abusing scumbag must have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.A slow and agonising death for this evil cretin is essential.

  15. If the dog had been taught manners and obedience the right way in the beginning, it wouldn’t have happened. And I agree, the BS from Godfrey, Joann & KB is just that. Never seen people protecting a lowlife before. He’s not in a wheelchair, he can drive, he’s not mentally disabled in the laws eyes. He knew what he was doing, every time he did it. People always want to blame it on ‘oh, it was how he was raised’, which, in part, might be true. BUT, that person still had the ability to CHOOSE. And he chose wrong. Maybe you Perfect 3 should go teach him. People vent. I agree. This lowlife P.O.S should go to jail, and never see that dog, or any animal again.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself DG.
      Godfrey, Joann & KB need to wake up & join the real world then they would know there is no excuse what so ever for animal abuse. It’s just that simple.

  16. This scumbag doesn’t deserve the dog back! The same treatment to him!

  17. J martin says:

    WTH?? :-O Nice mugshot .. trying to look like a circus freak?
    Such a brave (or whatever you’re suppose to be) I’d say a man .. BUT .. looking at this idiot’s pic. I’d say I’m not so sure. Needs the same treatment he gave that dog IMO

  18. William Foreman says:

    Ukraine never give up.
    Never give in.
    Fight !!!!

  19. Kathleen Scherman says:

    Send the SOB back to where he came from!! First, forget the freaking justice system. They don’t care about people let alone an animal!!!!!Take the scum bag outside, cut off his arms and his privates! Do not want him to procreate!!!! Or just kill him!!!!

  20. Girlfriend ??????? How did this ugly thing get a girlfriend??? Are females really that desperate??? If she knew he had done this kind of thing before, why did she stay with him????? There are some people who for whatever reason, cannot be “fixed” and should not be turned loose on an unsuspecting society. This is one prime example. Put him somewhere away from others, then throw away the key.

    • Carl Sweeney says:

      Send this cunt packing. The loser should never be allowed to own an animal considering he has offended repeatedly Please confiscate the poor dog.

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