Prevent Tires From Poisoning Streams and Killing Fish

Target: Martha Williams, Director of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Regulate dispersal of tire chemicals lethal to fish and other wildlife.

When salmon began dying off en masse in Washington State, scientists worked diligently to solve the deadly mystery. They eventually found their likely culprit: a tire particle additive known as 6PPD-quinone. When it rained, this substance—along with other tire particles—would run off into the streams salmon used for reproduction. The particles were and are toxic to fish, causing debilitating effects like gasping, equilibrium loss, and death. Now these toxins are popping up in the waterways of other countries, most recently Canada and Australia.

Additionally, the other chemicals that are routinely mixed in with this particular particle could pose a significant threat as well. In the tests conducted so far, road run-off has been discovered in disturbingly high concentrations.

California is currently taking steps to regulate use of the dangerous 6PPD-quionone in manufacturing. Sign the petition below to urge this measure and other protective efforts at the national level.


Dear Director Williams,

Road run-off poses a clear and present danger to wildlife living in streams and other bodies of water. The mass deaths of coho salmon in Seattle affirm this belief as increasingly indisputable fact. The tire additive 6 PPD-quinone is likely responsible for the Seattle die-offs. To stop these preventable environmental crises and to curtail a potential threat to public health, a plan of action must be implemented.

California is evaluating potential restrictions of 6PPD-quinone in tire manufacturing. Companies are exploring alternatives. Affected towns are utilizing capture ponds and similar methods for keeping road run-off from contaminating streams and other waterways. Please evaluate and invest in proactive solutions such as these options for a comprehensive federal prevention program.


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Photo Credit: Bureau of Land Management Oregon and Washington 


  1. Salmon are not invertebrates. Whoever is at fault needs to pay steep fines and be incarcerated!

  2. I agree with Vince!!! These lazy people are doing this even though they probably know they are doing massive harm. This needs to be a FELONY with a $20,000.00 fine and at least 7 years in orison. That should stop them. Hey, why not pull off an, Abbot from Texas, stunt and also take way their license for 20 years. If that doesn’t stop this, nothing will. But it needs to be an automatic sentence because there is no defense and if another reports them then give them a reward as Abbot would do!!!! I do not like Abbpt Putin cases like this why not use his tactics!


  4. Martha skinner says:

    Please protect the fish.

  5. Jennifer cotterelll says:

    Please stop all this cruelty and murderous behaviour , leave animals alone and stop polluting and taking their homes

  6. Maria Lavorato says:

    No brainer. There should be fines and laws to prohibit this kind of dumping.
    It should be a part of world wide green initiative.

    Every country should be doing this!

  7. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Whenever a known chemical like this is responsible for the deaths of wildlife then action should be taken immediately. I hope that the Director of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service acts swiftly on this poison chemical that is killing mass amounts of Fish.

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