Poodle Severely Wounded From Band Allegedly Wrapped Around Muzzle Deserves Justice

Target: Suffolk County, Massachusetts District Attorney Kevin Hayden

Goal: Give prison sentence to the person who allegedly wrapped a band tightly around a dog’s muzzle and left the animal to fend for herself.

A poodle mix was injured because a band was allegedly wrapped tightly around her muzzle for days. The person reportedly responsible for this crime needs to be justly punished under the law to better ensure other animals will not suffer.

The poodle was not able to eat as a result of the alleged incident. Police indicated that her nose was extremely swollen and that the muzzle had a foul smell to it. She had surgery and was given antibiotics since her injuries were severe.

Police found the dog’s former caretaker, and they are currently seeking charges against the individual. Sign this petition to demand the person spend time behind bars if it is found they are guilty of such horrific animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Hayden,

A dog was allegedly found running around with a tight band wrapped around her muzzle. Whoever is reportedly responsible for this abuse needs to spend time in prison so that other animals will be less likely to endure the same fate.

According to reports, the band kept the muzzle in place, and the dog was unable to eat. Investigators said she lost an unhealthy amount of weight and smelled awful, which is likely what contributed to her developing an infection. The dog had to have surgery to bring down the inflammation of her nose and was also prescribed antibiotics.

Authorities were able to track down the last owner of the poodle, and they are in the process of pressing charges. For the above reasons, I demand the suspect be given a strict legal sentence if it is found they are responsible for abusing and abandoning this helpless animal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Choiwangmo9


  1. This attempted murder and grievous torture so lock him up for 25 years at minimum!


  3. The law! We always hear about the fairness of the law and of a trial. What fairness? This animal was severely injured. Where is the law protecting an animals who can not defend itself nor even yell for help? This man caused severe harm. He’s probably a fat slob who would hurt anything smaller than himself which is probably everything except a front loader!!!

    Throw the book at him and don’t allow the law to get in the way. You know he’s guilty so send him to prison for at least 7 years although in the UK it’s supposed to be 10 years. Fine him severely, at least $10,000.00. Make him work to pay off vet bills and replacement costs for the animal he tried to destroy. This man deserves no mercy as he gave nine. Case Closed!

  4. This vile,severe dog abusing scumbag, most definately requires the death penalty implemented and nothing less!

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