Animals Apparently Abandoned to Die in Apartment Deserve Justice

Target: Whitman County, Washington Prosecuting Attorney Denis P. Tracy

Goal: Give prison sentence to people who allegedly neglected pets and allowed them to die.

One dozen animals died inside an apartment after allegedly being neglected by their owners. Authorities are investigating two people for the crime. The suspects need to spend time behind bars if it is found the pets died because of abuse, so that similar tragedies will be less likely to take place.

Reports state that officers found a deceased dog as well as three possums, a snake, gecko, bearded dragon, and two rodents at the dwelling. Besides these creatures, authorities also took many living animals away, including two cats, two dogs, two hedgehogs, a tortoise, and a bearded dragon. The seized animals will have to be evaluated by veterinarians before next steps are decided. Sign this petition to demand the people allegedly responsible for the fate of these animals be given a prison sentence and to further insist they no longer be legally allowed to have pets, if they are found guilty of neglect.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Tracy,

Pullman police are looking into an alleged incident of animal cruelty at the College Hill Apartments, after finding a dozen dead animals inside a residence. It is important that they receive a harsh legal sentence if they are found guilty to better ensure other animals will not endure the same fate.

The dead creatures include three possums, one dog, a snake, bearded dragon, two rodents, and a gecko. Officers also said they rescued two dogs, two cats, two hedgehogs, a bearded dragon, and a tortoise. Some or all of them may have to be euthanized if it is determined they are severely suffering due to neglect. For these reasons, I demand you suggest these people be sent to prison and that they no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is discovered any pets suffered or died while under their care.


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Photo Credit: Hebrew Matio


  1. As a resident of Washington I am appalled at the ongoing cases of pure neglect and abuse of pets in our state. These two people apparently had no business having animals at all and they must face charges and punishment for this deliberate and inexcusable abuse. We cannot make a dent in animal suffering if we don’t have enforcement and accountability and punishment for evil people like these two losers.

  2. Instigation of the death penalty and nothing less is essentially required for all scumag animal abusers.I am ready,willing and able to help perfrom this procedure!

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