Blind Dog Apparently Starved and Abandoned in Remote Area Deserves Justice

Target: Garvin County, Oklahoma District Attorney Greg Mashburn

Goal: Give woman maximum time in prison for allegedly not feeding dogs and abandoning them, if found guilty.

A woman was arrested for reportedly not giving her two dogs food or water and dropping them off in a remote area. She needs to spend time in prison if she is found guilty of committing these crimes to better ensure other animals will not have to endure the same fate.

One of the dogs that was allegedly dumped was blind, making it more likely this animal would be hit by a car. Studies have further shown that formerly abandoned dogs can face separation anxiety as well as trust issues later in life.

The suspect was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and is being held on felony charges. She could be sentenced to up to five years in prison if it is discovered she is responsible for mistreating these dogs. Sign this petition to demand she receive the strictest sentence possible if it is discovered she committed these thoughtless acts.


Dear District Attorney Mashburn,

Authorities allegedly found two dogs that had been starved and dropped off in a remote part of town. A suspect was arrested shortly afterwards on two counts of animal cruelty. She needs to be given the toughest legal sentence if it is found she neglected her dogs to make it less likely other animals will suffer.

One of the dogs that was allegedly abandoned was blind. Having such a disability would make it even more difficult for an animal to survive on their own in an unfamiliar area. It has also been shown that previously abandoned dogs have a difficult time trusting future owners and that they can further experience anxiety when left alone.

Abandoning pets in this part of Oklahoma is considered a felony, and the suspect could spend up to five years in prison if she is found guilty of these actions. For these reasons, I demand you suggest she receive the most time behind bars possible if she is found guilty of abusing or neglecting these helpless animals.


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Photo Credit: Joe Parks


  1. Blindfold and handcuff this cunt and put her in traffic, I’m so sick of these people! Why are they allowed to live, for fuck sake!!!

  2. Throw her in jail!!
    Set a president for other cruel people.
    Maybe, this will help stop animal abusers!!!

  3. They arrested her charged her noe put her in prison for this horrible senseless act. 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑

  4. Put her away!! What a POS!!

  5. Nadine+brundage says:

    I just hope her charges are a felony as she belongs behind bars for this horrific cruelty. I feel so terrible for those innocent dogs left to fend for themselves and one dog being blind. If not considered a felony just dump the bitch in the desert.

  6. Debra Spurrier says:

    Right. Another day, another sociopathic piece of human sh*t who has committed an unspeakable horrific act of cruelty. There will be no justice for these victims. There will be no punishment that comes anywhere close to fitting the crime. Never is there justice for the other animals under our laws. Never. Our laws are a joke when it comes to protecting the nonhumans–the most vulnerable innocent beings among us. And these everyday stories are just the tip of the iceberg. Most monsters get away with these atrocities-

  7. Avatar photo Torah Wolf says:

    The bitch should get a lot more than 5 years

  8. Susan Kulikowski says:

    Anyone who would abandon two animals instead of dropping them off at an animal rescue should be jailed and fined. This woman should never have any animal in her possession again. What a lowlife. The animal laws should be strengthen in all 50 states. No pet deserves to be treated like this.

  9. Laura Rolder says:

    This heartless evil monster needs to be charged to the maxfor each dog. I so eish we could do to her what she did to these innocent dogs. She deserves to never be allowed in society.

  10. Shirley Lemieux says:

    It is so important that this woman be convicted of these Felony charges. How cruel and heartless can one be to abandon their dogs. And a blind one as well. That is beyond cruel. This woman is a heartless and cold piece of human waste. The Law really needs to crack down on people who commit these terrible crimes against innocent animals. Animals who have done nothing wrong but to end up in the wrong hands.

  11. Name her!

  12. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I wonder how this piece of garbage would like it when her children (God forbid that she ever breeds herself to produce offspring!) starve her and dump her to fend for herself when she is old and blind. In fact, that may be a suitable punishment for her – but unfortunately it will take far too long to happen.

  13. Cathy+McCormick says:

    This sick and twisted POS needs to go to prison for the maximum sentence allowed. There is no excuse for this kind of torture. Animal abuse is NEVER acceptable!

  14. Blindfold her and shove her into the woods!!

  15. Elaine Smith says:

    Prison too good for this piece of oxygen depriving excrement, leave her to rot in the desert.. need justice not a slap on the wrist.

  16. Barbara Garrison says:

    Let’s see, why don’t we dump her sorry ass in the middle of remote woods, see how she likes it? No food, no water, nothing but her attitude to keep her warm and safe. These poor dogs…. never should happen.

  17. Animals shall NOT be VICTIMS of human SADISTIC and DEHUMANIZED PSYCHOPATHS! Animal violence shall be treated as any human violence. These dogs DESERVE JUSTICE – just like YOU and ME!
    To abandon a totally defenseless BLIND animal is a horrific and unpardonable CRIME.
    MAX JAIL for this MONSTER and a disgusting ANIMAL-HATER!

  18. Nena Miller says:

    How cruel and sociopathic can someone be? Dumping any dog, much less a blind dog is unconscionable. Put her in prison for a while and require that she never be allowed to gave ANY animal again. How dare she!

  19. Just shoot the bitch.

  20. Lois rezvani says:

    Why don’t you stop all these advertisements and concentrate on the animals. Why do I need blouses and all sale items. Let’s just talk about animals.

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