Dog That Died After Alleged Neglect at Rescue Facility Deserves Justice

Target: Smith County, Texas District Attorney Jacob Putman

Goal: Give prison sentence to owners of animal rescue facility who allegedly failed to provide dogs with basic needs.

Thirty-eight dogs were recently confiscated by authorities after they were allegedly abused by the people who ran the rescue facility where they were staying. Tina Loper and Eric Wayne Morris were arrested shortly afterwards on animal cruelty charges. They need to be held fully accountable if it is discovered these allegations are true, to better ensure more animals will not suffer.

Police said that they took the dogs from the Dog Days Ranch and Rescue Facility in Winona, Texas. According to reports, one of the female dogs was severely emaciated, had drooping skin, and was also seen with drool dripping out of her mouth. The animal allegedly was unable to recover and had to be euthanized. Loper reportedly admitted to one of the officers that they had “made a lot of mistakes” when it came to taking care of the animals.

Both Loper and Morris are being held on a $100,000 bond. Sign this petition to demand they spend time in prison if it is discovered any dogs were harmed or died as a result of their negligence.


Dear District Attorney Putman,

Tina Loper and Eric Wayne Morris were arrested after it was reportedly discovered thirty-eight dogs were not provided with adequate care at their animal rescue facility. It is important these people no longer be legally allowed to care for animals and that they also be given a strict legal sentence if it is found they abused or neglected these dogs.

The dogs were taken from the Dog Days Ranch and Rescue Facility in Winona, Texas. Authorities reported that one of the dogs was extremely thin, had sagging skin, and also had drool coming out of her mouth. Because the dog allegedly remained in such poor condition after being rescued, officers stated she had to be put to sleep. Loper reportedly insinuated to one of the arresting officers that they had not provided the animals with the care they required.

Morris and Loper are currently awaiting trial and are being held on a $100,000 bond. We therefore demand you suggest they serve prison sentences and that they further be required to close their animal rescue facility if it is found any dogs suffered or died while under their care.


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Photo Credit: Ivan Bandura 


  1. If you can’t leave an animal at a rescue facility and know that they are going to take care of that animal then my God where can you leave your animal. I think this facility should either be shut down or the owner should definitely go to jail and not for one year but how about for I don’t know how long can dogs live? About 15 years? That would be a good amount of time.

    • Christine Witcher says:

      I totally agree. They should receive huge fines to help the costs for the new caretakers to be able to afford to care for the poor babies that they didn’t care for. They should also receive 15 years for each precious innocent that they starved. Judges are only slapping the hands of these evil and cruel animal abusers and killers. These abusers need to fear the repercussions of abusing animals. A slap on the hand or 10 days in jail or a small fine won’t do that.

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