Oppose Hateful Ban on Trans Athletes in Schools

Target: Governor Kristi Noem

Goal: Hold the governor accountable for proposing a hateful and transphobic bill passed in South Dakota.

An outright transphobic and hateful bill was passed in South Dakota after only an hour of deliberation. The bill was voted with majority in favor and bans transgender youths from participating in school sports. It also states that schools that violate this law can be sued. There is no immediate or apparent threat that comes from allowing trans youth to participate in school sports. This bill was created from hatred and perpetrates outdated and hateful ideas.

South Dakota is setting themselves back many years by allowing this bill to pass. It is disappointing and saddening to see such a hateful thing that stems from miseducation on the topic succeed in the year 2022. South Dakota is attacking children for the need to be themselves.

It is absolutely deplorable that such hateful bills are even being proposed let alone passed. Sign below to hold this governor accountable and spread awareness to stop this hatred from happening in other states in the future.


Dear Gov. Kristi Noem,

Your bill to ban transgender youth from school sports is an attack on a community of people, specifically children, that are causing zero threat to anyone. It seems to be created out of hate and your own transphobic ideas that are well outdated. Governor, it’s time to step into the 21st century and ensure that all children have safe spaces for them within schools.

Children spend most of their youth if not almost all within the schools they attend. Why would you want to make them feel outcasted, unsafe, and hated in a place they are meant to provide safety? Schools are meant for education, growth, and extracurricular activities. It is beyond unacceptable to do this.

You must be held accountable for your hateful rhetoric. You must learn and educate yourself so you do not propose ideas that will threaten and harm a community of youth. No child should be made to feel different and outcasted by a place they spend their time to learn and grow as individuals. Please think about the children and their families and how your hatred and ignorance harms them.


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Photo Credit: Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office


  1. This is so so sad. Sydney said it best, school is not suppose to be home for outcasting. That’s what we have been fighting against for years! “End bullying” Yet gov Noem is doing the bullying herself, these children deserve better.
    This petition writer is amazing thank you for bringing this to my attention, Sydney.

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