Dead Whale Found With Metal Chunk in Intestines Deserves Justice

Target: Director Michael Berkow, Coast Guard Investigative Service
Goal: Devote more resources to finding fishermen responsible for dead whale.

A humpback whale was discovered floating belly up in a shallow lagoon. Upon examination, it appeared that the whale had injuries around its head and mouth likely caused by fishing equipment. Additionally, a large chunk of metal was found in the whale’s intestines, which had damaged the creature’s digestive tract.

The deceased whale was a magnificent animal. It measured 38 feet in length and weighed 30 tons. Volunteers provided the whale a burial on the beach by using an excavator to dig a deep hole in the sand.

Scientists who studied the whale learned that the animal was otherwise a healthy creature that likely would have lived a long life. It had thick blubber and a belly full of food, suggesting that illness or disease did not play a role in the animal’s demise.


Dear Director Michael Berkow,

A beached humpback whale was recently discovered on a New York shoreline. The animal was found floating upside down in a shallow lagoon. Upon investigation, the whale appeared to have injuries to its mouth and head that are consistent with damage from fishing equipment. Additionally, the whale had a large chunk of metal in its intestines. This may have caused sufficient damage to the animal’s digestive tract to lead to its death.

The whale was determined to be otherwise in good physical condition. It had a thick layer of blubber and it’s belly was full of food. This suggests that disease or illness was not the cause of death.

It is not unusual for fishing boats to be the unintentional (or intentional) cause of injury and death to whales. This unfortunate fact can be combated if we devote the time and resources necessary to find and prosecute those responsible for the death of this magnificent creature. Please do everything in your power to bring justice to this deceased whale.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Atlantic Marine Conservation Society


  1. Commercial fishermen = ocean rapers! The by-catch statistics are horrendous. The majority of pollution in the ocean is discarded fishing nets etc. RIP sweet whale.

  2. The fishing industry is ENVIRONMENTAL CRIME!
    VEGAN food only can save and cure our planet!!

  3. The same definately is required to be attended to the vile cretins who abuse these poor marine animals and all animals in general.

  4. This does appear to be a deliberate killing of this whale. I agree that resources should be provided to find and prosecute whoever did this.

    • Yes,I agree that these vile,despicable,”conscience bankrupt” beings need to be tracked down and prosecuted, never ever again to be allowed around defenseless beautiful living creatures.

  5. Linda Cummings says:

    No wonder the world is in such horrible shape. The way we mistreat and slaughter other life forms is a major crime against the planet. If we perish from the earth it is what we brought upon ourselves.

  6. Michelle Stewart says:

    That poor whale. I hate to think of how the poor whale suffered. Those responsible must be found & charged severely. Each person must serve 15 years in prison with no early parole, each person pay a $500,000 fine, each person be banned for life from being allowed to fish or be in a boat.



  9. Lyla DeVita says:

    Commercial fishermen, too lon exempt from court appearances SHOULD be held responsible by law to suffer severe penalties for actions causing torture and death to marine life. Put your vote with those who want all animal and marine life protected. This poor whale suffered beyond description.

  10. SHAMEFUL HORROR — Heartbreaking – TO ALL who use & exploit our WATERS : STOP filthying up our Natural World and WATERS — this is the HOME of our Animals — it is those Animals who get caught up in your GARBAGE who suffer greatly and DIE prematurely, like this SAWFISH — Get some KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT, COMPASSION, MERCY, SANITY & MORALITY.

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