Success: Disgusting Dog Fighting Practice Targeted By Lawmakers

Target: Troy Singleton, State Senator for New Jersey

Goal: Support criminalization and stiff penalties for animal trunk fighting.

Dog fighting is tragically one of the most lucrative and underreported forms of animal cruelty in America. Sadistic abusers seemingly find newer and sicker methods to exploit these innocent animals daily. This ForceChange petition called for justice in one such horrific case. Now, a state can finally bring justice to hundreds or thousands more victims.

New Jersey’s legislature threw massive support behind a bill that would make animal trunk fighting a felony offense punishable with prison time. If you haven’t heard of this especially brutal crime, the torture involves trapping two dogs inside of a trunk. As these poor animals fight to the death, their “handlers” happily take bets from equally sick onlookers who cheer on the brutality. When the trunk is unlocked to the grotesque aftermath, the sadists who betted on the living dog are paid off.

One of the sponsors of this bipartisan bill stated, “when you hear of the heinous nature of it, there is no partisanship for issues like this. So, it passed overwhelmingly with no ‘no’ votes at all.” With the governor’s signature just a short time later, this important standard-setting legislation officially became law.

Sign the petition below to applaud an essential new tool in fighting animal cruelty.


Dear Senator Singleton,

Thank you and your co-sponsor for your significant roles in introducing and passing Senate Bill 975. As you stated, this animal cruelty legislation knows no party lines. The protection of innocent living beings entrusted to our care should never be violated in such a heinous manner.

Congratulations on this measure becoming law. Please continue supporting further important actions that can safeguard vulnerable animals.


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  1. Gloria Navan says:

    There seems to be no limit to new ways humans can torture animals. Dog fighting is horrible, and many states look the other way rather than face the
    problem. This is a golden opportunity for New Jersey to be a leader and take action for dogs.

  2. Paula Morgan says:

    Am I happy to read this news, YES! But I am angry at how long it takes before something as horrific as this is stopped. I am so grateful New Jersey has stepped up for dogs. My hope is that the courts will do the same. Judges need to pass out harsh punishment to people who have been convicted of these crimes. I also feel animals have rights too just as we humans do. Let’s hope this will bring an end to this crime. Animals deserve better.

  3. Loraine Pretorius says:

    Dog is spelled God backwards. HE created them and they have the same rights as humans. They also feel pain and are frightened. These monsters need to be punished severely. These poor dogs die horrific deaths. If you kill a human you go to prison for a long long time. The same should apply to animals. The law is not stringent enough. What is wrong with the human race. SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU.

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