Success: Wildlife and Fishing Industry Protected From Poisonous Gold Mine

Target: Commander Damon Delarosa, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District

Goal: Thank the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for blocking the Pebble Mine from construction.

Unique wildlife in Alaska has been protected from destruction by a proposed gold mine. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers determined that Pebble Mine would have detrimental effects on the environment, and blocked its construction. This is great news for salmon, whose habitat would be destroyed and contaminated by the mine, and other species that depend on them.

The proposed plans for Pebble mine were met by backlash from conservationists and, surprisingly, a few Republican government officials. The ForceChange community joined in the outcry with this petition. The Army Corps of Engineers recognized the disastrous effects the mine would have, and blocked it in its environmental impact statement. However, the developers of Pebble Mine have 90 days to create a plan that will have minimal environmental consequences. Hopefully it will continue to be blocked, because in any form this mine will hurt the environment.

The mine, if built, would have greatly impacted not only endangered sockeye salmon, but also the surrounding wildlife and the Alaskan fishing industry. Many other species, including grizzly bears and whales, depend on salmon as their food source. Contamination and destruction of watersheds from the mine would have decreased or even wiped out the salmon population, impacting other endangered species and wrecking fisheries.

This is a victory not only for endangered salmon, but also for the Alaskan ecosystem and for the fishing industry. Sign the petition to thank the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for protecting the environment and encourage them to continue to block Pebble Mine.


Dear Commander Delarosa,

Pebble Mine would have posed a major threat to the wildlife of Alaska, and it is great news that its construction has been blocked. The mine would have contaminated watersheds and destroyed the habitat of endangered sockeye salmon, which play a key role in the ecosystem. The fishing industry also depends on salmon, and damage to the species from the mine would hurt the Alaskan economy.

Sockeye salmon, grizzly bears, and many other unique Alaskan species will benefit from the preservation of their habitats. Thank you for recognizing the value of wildlife and blocking the construction of Pebble Mine, and I encourage you to continue to fight to preserve this fragile ecosystem.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Milton Love

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  1. Victoria Salter says:

    Hello 👋,
    I will sign, but fishing is animal cruelty. Fish are animals, and they have feelings, too! Would you like to have a hook thrust through your mouth and be dragged out of the water, gasping for air, to be handled by much bigger, scary creatures who take photos with you, rub off your protective layer and then either suffocate, get stomped to death, get killed with a rock, or get thrown back in the water with a wound in your mouth, only to die later on? Why are there not more petitions against recreational and commercial fishing? If they were treating billions of dogs and cats the way they treat billions of fish, there would huge outrage.

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