Success: Methane Regulations Reinstated to Protect the Environment

Target: Robin Cooley, Earthjustice Attorney

Goal: Thank Earthjustice lawyers for their work to reinstate methane regulations that protect the environment.

A court ruling stopped rollbacks of methane regulations that allowed oil and gas companies to leak potent methane into the environment. Back in 2018, the Trump administration changed the Waste Prevention Rule to allow fewer inspections for methane leaks and more time for companies to fix leaks, resulting in more methane being released into the atmosphere. A judge found that the changes were not justified and that the lawmakers “failed to consider scientific findings”.

This is an important step towards preventing climate change because methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases. Methane traps much more heat than carbon dioxide, increasing the effects of climate change when released into the atmosphere. Signers of this petition recognized the catastrophic effects of methane and opposed its deregulation.

Using science to inform policy and predict the consequences of legislation is vital in ensuring a healthy future for our planet. Earthjustice, among other conservation and environmentalist groups, sued the Bureau of Land Management for failing to consider the environmental impact of deregulating methane, and won their case. Sign this petition to thank Earthjustice’s lawyers for their work to protect the environment.


Dear Ms. Cooley,

The court ruling requiring that the Waste Prevention Rule be reinstated is great news in the fight against climate change. The rollbacks of regulations allowed fewer inspections and laxer requirements for fixing methane leaks, which likely released more methane into the atmosphere. As an extremely potent greenhouse gas, methane poses a major threat to the stability of our climate. This court ruling is a great victory in reducing climate change and ensuring science-based policy, which is essential for protecting our environment.

The work you do is so important in holding policymakers accountable and fighting against climate change. Thank you for pushing for the proper regulations on methane.


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Photo Credit: NASA Earth Observatory


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