Success: U.S. Army to Suspend Video Game Recruiting

Target: Jordan Uhl, Political Activist

Goal: Praise courageous efforts to end unethical military recruitment practices.

The United States Army has paused its esports recruitment efforts on the streaming platform Twitch after widespread condemnation. The Army, Navy, and Air Force recently launched esports teams aimed at engaging with children as young as 13 on Twitch. Activists, politicians, and those who signed this petition spoke out against this practice.

Jordan Uhl, a Washington, D.C.-based political activist, responded by raising the subject of war crimes in an Army streams chat panel. He was immediately banned. He has since led Twitch users in staging waves of similar questions aimed at disrupting the recruitment drive. Constitutional experts have pointed out that, as a public institution funded by taxpayers, a government-run Twitch stream constitutes a public forum in which Uhl’s First Amendment right to free speech can’t be violated.

Apart from the likely illegality of banning Uhl, there are serious ethical concerns about using streaming platforms to engage with minors and promote the benefits of military service. Sign the petition below to congratulate Uhl for taking a stand against unethical recruiting practices.


Dear Mr. Uhl,

Thank you for your efforts in bringing to public attention unethical recruiting practices and potential violations of Constitutional rights. This has been vital for gathering political support to permanently end this practice among all branches of the armed forces, and will help the Pentagon know that there are limits to the ways in which they can recruit troops.

With continued efforts like yours, we will be able to make it clear that illegal and distasteful activity by public institutions will not be tolerated.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: United States Army

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  1. Jacqui Skill says:

    Thank goodness this monstrous action has been ceased!

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