Success: Earth’s Ozone Shield on Road to Recovery

Target: Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of the UN World Meteorological Organization

Goal: Support the continued healing of Earth’s protective ozone layer.

In 1987, countries of the world came together to tackle the problem of the planet’s rapidly diminishing ozone layer. The past few decades have seen the development of ever-expanding ozone holes kickstarted by hazardous gas emissions: a troubling phenomenon given voice in this ForceChange petition. When the atmosphere loses this vital veil of protection, dangerous conditions like global warming can flourish on Earth, thereby endangering the entire planet and every living thing on it. Some recent promising signs show the destructive trend of ozone depletion may finally be reversing.

The Montreal Protocol, in which countries around the world pledged to stop using ozone-destroying substances, came into being after scientists discovered a massive ozone hole over Antarctica in the mid-1980s. Late last year, researchers reported this looming scar in the South Pole’s atmosphere had reached its smallest level in roughly three decades. Earlier this year, on the opposite end of the world, the North Pole was growing its own gigantic ozone hole about ten times as big as the nation Greenland. Recently, Earth’s inhabitants received some welcome good news with a report that this threatening hole has also shrunk and has, in fact, completely healed.

These heartening outcomes demonstrate the strides humanity can make with unified commitment. Sign this petition to celebrate important wins in the ongoing fight for Earth’s future.


Dear Mr. Taalas,

While fortunate environmental factors played a well-timed role in the closing of the North Pole ozone hole, this important development does show the human race what is possible with dedication to save the ozone layer. These visions for a better, safer future helped create the 1987 Montreal Protocol. Now, the reason for that landmark agreement between nations is likewise being defeated with the reported shrinking of the Antarctic ozone hole.

Thank you for your organization’s vigilance in keeping this vital issue in the spotlight and for giving the world essential rays of hope during the darkest times.


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Photo Credit: Gernot Heiser


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