Success: Wild Animal Circuses Banned

Target: Natalie Evans, Leader of the House of Lords

Goal: Praise the British Parliament for outlawing the use of wild animals in traveling circuses.

The UK Parliament finally passed a bill that will prohibit the use of wild animals in traveling circuses. The ban will come into force towards the end of January in 2020. Under the law, reindeer, zebras and camels will still perform, while animals such as horses, donkeys and dogs will continue to be inspected regularly by officials.

Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International said: “I am delighted that Parliament has finally banned wild animals in circuses and we can draw a line under this archaic abuse in England, Scotland (where there is already a ban), and soon I hope in Wales. “There has been overwhelming public support for a ban since Animal Defenders International began exposing the horrific cruelty and abuse behind the scenes of British circuses of animals like chimpanzee Trudy, Anne the elephant, and far too many others. I am delighted that England is finally catching up with over 40 countries that have already passed such bans.”

Ministers have been vowing to implement a ban for the past five years, while animal rights organizations, such as PETA, and petitions such as this one, have been advocating intensly to rescue the animals from maltreatment. Other groups, including the RSPCA, the Born Free Foundation, and ADI have also campaigned many years for animal protection. Petitions like this one helped in pressuring politicians to back up the crucial legislation. Sign below to thank those who have helped liberate wild animals from the vicious practice.


Dear Leader Evans,

Circus animals live the majority of their lives in cramped cages and barren trailers, where they can barely even stretch their limbs. Left to starve in unsanitary conditions, they often receive beatings, as they are abused to learn tricks by punishment. According to research done by VOX, circus animals are kept in chains or cages 96 percent of the time and can travel up to 100 consecutive hours in very confined spaces.

Due to your recently passed ban, this form of animal abuse will no longer allowed in England. Thank you for advocating for the animals and their rights to lead normal lives.


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