Articles written by: Nariman Fadhil

Success: Early Childhood Punishments Limited

Young children will be less likely to receive suspensions and expulsions from the Colorado school system, thanks to child welfare advocates. These punishments have only been shown to worsen behavioral problems in young students and their abolishment will make room for healthier behavioral conditioning. Sign this petition to thank those who advocated alternative ways to help these students.

Success: Wild Animal Circuses Banned

The use of wild animals in traveling circuses will finally be banned across England. Show your support for animal welfare by thanking the UK Parliament for outlawing the cruel practice.

Success: Immigrant and Transgender Students Granted Financial Aid

Undocumented immigrant and transgender students will have easier access to financial aid in Illinois. Sign this petition to thank those who have advocated this crucial cause.

Success: “Gay Panic” Defense Outlawed

Assault and murder will no longer be justified by a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity in Connecticut. The “gay or transgender panic” defense has been declared inadmissible in court. Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and applaud the move against homophobia and transphobia.

Success: Abused Animals Given Advocates in Court

Court representation will be provided to mistreated animals in Maine, reducing the number of abusers walking free. This means that justice can finally be granted to animals who have suffered or died needlessly. Support this commitment to animal welfare.

Success: Sustainable Burial Alternative Legalized

Human composting, a green burial alternative, has just been legalized. This method has fewer negative effects on the environment than the current options and involves no chemicals, no coffin and none of the fossil fuels necessary for cremation. Show your appreciation for this revolutionary decision.

Success: School Bus Safety Improved

Children will be less likely to suffer injury and death, due to newly implemented school bus safety measures. Drivers who ignore the bus’ stop-arms can now be charged with a felony. Praise the state’s dedication to improving school bus safety.

Success: Hateful Pastor Banned from Entering Another Country

Steven Anderson has been prohibited from sharing his anti-LGBTQ+ views in Ireland after they successfully banned him from entering their country. The pastor has been prohibited from entering 29 other European countries as well. Praise the country’s fight against discrimination.

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