Articles written by: Nariman Fadhil

Ban Unethical Foie Gras

Foie gras is produced by force-feeding birds, which causes their livers to swell to up to 10 times their normal size. No animals should suffer for people’s food taste. Sign this petition to demand that New York ban the sale and production of the inhumane product.

Stop Punishing Students for Being Pro-LGBTQ+

Multiple students were forced to change their gay pride t-shirts after being told they violated the dress code, which bans “obscene or drug-related” clothing. Sign this petition to demand that the Kentucky school stop punishing students for showing support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Set a New Precedent for LGBTQ+ Rights in Southeast Asia

Thailand could be the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize same-sex unions. Sign this petition to demand that the country take a stand for LGBTQ+ rights.

Success: Early Childhood Punishments Limited

Young children will be less likely to receive suspensions and expulsions from the Colorado school system, thanks to child welfare advocates. These punishments have only been shown to worsen behavioral problems in young students and their abolishment will make room for healthier behavioral conditioning. Sign this petition to thank those who advocated alternative ways to help these students.

Success: Wild Animal Circuses Banned

The use of wild animals in traveling circuses will finally be banned across England. Show your support for animal welfare by thanking the UK Parliament for outlawing the cruel practice.

Protect Students from Sexual Harassment

Students in Chile are currently at risk from sexual harassment, as universities fail to consistently define the transgression and punish harassers. Demand that detailed protocols be established.

Don’t Ban Plant-Based Food Terms

Proposals seek to ban the use of traditional names like ‘burger’ and ‘sausage’ for vegan and veggie food products. If approved, vegan and veggie burgers could become ‘discs’, and sausages ‘tubes’ among other products. Sign this petition to demand that the use of the popular terms not be outlawed.

Provide Child Sex Abuse Education in Schools

Students in Ohio could be provided with child sex abuse education in school, after 28 first graders were reportedly molested by their gym teacher. Sign this petition to demand that children be taught to recognize problematic behavior.

Stop Oppressing the LGBTQ+ Community

LGBTQ+ activities are banned in Palestine, following police condemnation. Members of the community are receiving death threats and risk incarceration. Sign this petition to demand that basic human rights be respected.

Stop Forcing Companies to Run Anti-LGBTQ+ Ads

Advertising companies in Israel refused to publish discriminatory campaign ads, which linked gay people to human trafficking. Nonetheless, after they got sued by a prejudiced political party, a judge ruled that any “advertising marketer” who decides to run campaign ads could not turn down homophobic adverts. Sign this petition to demand that this form of homophobia be outlawed.

Provide Lesbians and Single Women with Fertility Treatments

Lesbians and single women in France might soon get access to IVF treatments, which are currently only provided to heterosexual couples. Laws protecting the identity of sperm donors for children who wish to know their biological father’s name could also get abolished. Sign this petition and demand that reproductive rights be respected.

Success: Immigrant and Transgender Students Granted Financial Aid

Undocumented immigrant and transgender students will have easier access to financial aid in Illinois. Sign this petition to thank those who have advocated this crucial cause.

Success: “Gay Panic” Defense Outlawed

Assault and murder will no longer be justified by a victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity in Connecticut. The “gay or transgender panic” defense has been declared inadmissible in court. Show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and applaud the move against homophobia and transphobia.

Success: Abused Animals Given Advocates in Court

Court representation will be provided to mistreated animals in Maine, reducing the number of abusers walking free. This means that justice can finally be granted to animals who have suffered or died needlessly. Support this commitment to animal welfare.

Success: Sustainable Burial Alternative Legalized

Human composting, a green burial alternative, has just been legalized. This method has fewer negative effects on the environment than the current options and involves no chemicals, no coffin and none of the fossil fuels necessary for cremation. Show your appreciation for this revolutionary decision.

Provide Financial Aid to Immigrant and Transgender Students

Undocumented immigrants and transgender people cannot receive financial aid to fund their college educations. This is discriminatory and unjust. Demand that these students be provided with equal opportunities.

Success: School Bus Safety Improved

Children will be less likely to suffer injury and death, due to newly implemented school bus safety measures. Drivers who ignore the bus’ stop-arms can now be charged with a felony. Praise the state’s dedication to improving school bus safety.

Abolish Law Against LGBTQ+ Relationships

Individuals that engage in gay sex narrowly escaped the death penalty due to an unjust homophobic law. Though a moratorium is in place, it could be reversed at any time. Sign this petition to remove the anti-gay law completely.

Protect the LGBTQ+ Community from Senseless Murder

Dangerous individuals use the “gay or transgender panic” to excuse assaulting and murdering LGBTQ+ people in Connecticut. Sign this petition to demand that this practice be banned and violent perpetrators be punished.

Success: Hateful Pastor Banned from Entering Another Country

Steven Anderson has been prohibited from sharing his anti-LGBTQ+ views in Ireland after they successfully banned him from entering their country. The pastor has been prohibited from entering 29 other European countries as well. Praise the country’s fight against discrimination.

Provide Abused Animals with Court Representation

Those who torture and murder animals are being let off the hook. This must change. Law students or volunteer lawyers could soon be appointed to work for free for animal abuse victims in Maine. Sign this petition to demand that neglected animals be given a voice in court.

Stop Using Animals in Cruel Traveling Circuses

Wild animals could soon be banned from England’s traveling circuses in a bold move against animal cruelty. Animals have suffered abuse and neglect at these attractions along with a poor quality of life. Demand that this needless animal cruelty finally be put to an end.

Do Not Release Murderers and Rapists from Prison

Around 900 murderers and rapists might soon be released back onto New York City streets. The possible parolees include serial killers and felons over the age of 55. Demand that these dangerous convicts stay behind bars.

Do Not Jail Abuse Victims for Defending Themselves

In an attempt to defend themselves from domestic abuse or potential trafficking, countless victims end up behind bars in Texas. This is devastating for the survivors and denies them the protection that law enforcement should provide. Demand that this unfair treatment be put to an end.

Ban Harmful Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

Gay conversion therapy is one step closer to being outlawed in Minnesota. This practice causes mental health problems in adolescents and affects them throughout adulthood. Demand that LGBTQ+ minors be protected from this scarring practice.

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