Praise Fashion Brand ASOS for No Longer Using Mohair, Cashmere, Silk, or Feathers

Target: Nick Beighton, CEO of ASOS

Goal: Applaud fashion brand ASOS for banning mohair, cashmere, silk, and feathers in its stores.

ASOS has decided to ban mohair, cashmere, silk, down, and feathers across its brand and 850 labels by the end of January 2019. Every year many goats, geese, ducks, and silkworms are abused and killed in order to make clothing.  These animals are exploited for unnecessary means, and ASOS is now taking a stand against these industries.

The mohair industry involves mutilating the ears of angora goats with tattoo pliers. The people responsible for retrieving the hair are called shearers. According to PETA, they are paid according to the number they produce rather than by the hour. This causes many shearers to be reckless, leaving the sheep in pain and damaged. In the cashmere industry, goats often freeze to death in the winter because their coats are taken from them. In the feather and down industry, most down is retrieved from birds who were victims of the disgusting meat and foie gras industry. The silk industry boils or gasses silkworms alive in their cocoons; for one pound of silk, more than 3,000 silkworms are killed.

These horrendous industries need to come to an end, and ASOS has made giant steps towards this goal. Sign this petition and praise ASOS for no longer making clothing made from mohair, cashmere, silk, or feathers.


Dear Mr. Beighton,

I commend you for making the decision to stop using mohair, cashmere, silk, and feathers in your stores and 850 labels. Goats, geese, ducks, and silkworms are exploited each year in these horrific industries. They are abused and endure insufferable pain for the fashion industry.

Thank you for no longer supporting these terrible industries. Although more than 150 international retailers such as Topshop and Forever 21 have banned mohair, you are the first of these brands to ban mohair, cashmere, silk, and feathers. Again, I applaud you for your decision and thank you for going a step further for the welfare of these animals.


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Photo Credit: ASOS


  1. gen agustsson says:

    why love the animal and wear the other?

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